For more than 3000 years princes and kings ruled at Avaldsnes and controlled the ships that were forced to sail through the narrow strait Karmsund along "Nordvegen" – "the way to the north", the shipping route that gave Norway its name. From here they could claim taxes from passing ships, keep a close eye on goods coming from the Hardanger fjord and Bokn fjord and sending their own ships to raid or trade, crossing the North Sea.

Nordvegen history centre is in close procimity to St. Olav's church at Avaldsnes. Out of consideration for the medieval church and the cultural landscape surrounding it, most of Nordvegen history centre is build below the ground. From the Karmsund strait, you can see the facade made in glass and concrete. From the church plateou you can only see the round entrance symbolizing Mime's well, the well of knowledge in Norse mythology.This can make the history centre a little hard to spot.

All the stories in Nordvegen history centre are beeing told using modern methods, where all your sences are being stimulated. Using sound, lighting, smells, pictures and films, Harald fairhair is taking us on a travel through 3 500 years of maritime history, telling the story about Avaldsnes as a contact point beetween Norway and Europe.Nordvegen history centre can offer audioguides in English, German, French and Spanish for our foreign guests.

Nordvegen history centre also have a varity of activities for children, a souvenir shop, and during the summer season an open cafeteria.

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  • Kong Augvaldsvei 103
  • 4262 Avaldsnes
+ 47 52 81 24 00


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Where is Nordvegen History Centre?

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