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In a stable rubber raft, the group experiences the famous salmon and trout river, Suldalslågen. The river has no large rapids, so you paddle at a comfortable haste while guides from Mo Laksegard tell about life and history in the valley and the English lords who came to the area to fish for salmon.

The trip starts at Mo Laksegard and ends at the roaring waterfall, Sandsfossen. During the trip you have a picnic in the wilderness camp where you make coffee and cook pancakes by the fire. The trip ends with a tour of a visit to the Salmon Studio "Laksestudioet", where you see the salmon swimming up the powerful river.


Number of participants 6, max. 30

Age: From 4 years accompanied by an adult

Duration: 2.5 hours + travel time

Season: Summer

Mo Laksegard also offers accommodation and other activities.

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Mo Laksegard in Ryfylke

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  • Mo Laksegard, Sandsbygda 56
  • 4230 Sand
52 79 76 90


With a guide:
  • Summer

Green certifications

River expedition in Suldalslågen at Sand has received certification for its environmental efforts from:
  • MiljøfyrtårnMiljøfyrtårn
Environmental certification of private and public enterprises, also tourism.

Where is River expedition in Suldalslågen at Sand?