‘The North Sea Dome’ at Raw Ocean Lodge

This former run-down campsite is now one of Norway’s most unique accommodation options. In the North Sea Dome on Sandve, in the south of Karmøy, you can sleep under the stars and listen to the waves breaking from your bed. Few places can have a more Insta friendly view from their bed than here.

The people behind the Raw Ocean Lodge concept have placed emphasis on an exotic experience close to nature. With Sandvesanden beach nearby, it is a popular haunt for surfers from around the world. Being an adept surfer is by no means a criterion however, anybody should be able to relax here. Raw Ocean Lodge also runs yoga classes from a dedicated Dome on site.

The Bolder – wake to a unique view across the Lysefjord

Two small architectural gems, built on simple stilts to minimise their footprint in the landscape. Although these cabins are just 22 square metres, they must nonetheless be categorised as luxurious. What a view, what a place!

Wake to a panoramic view of the entire Lysefjord. Enjoy spending time inside the cabins, where nothing has been left to chance. Exquisite detail, pure perfection. The cabins, which were built in 2020, were (unfortunately) fully booked in record time after their launch, but the odd cancellation could make a cabin available. Watch out for a chance to experience The Bolder.

The idyllic island communities Utsira and Røvær

There are several daily boat services from Haugesund to these two small island communities. From Garpaskjærkaien quay on Risøy, you can take a boat to Utsira, Norway’s smallest municipality, with a population of just under 200.

However, its low population is no mark of the island’s charms. Or could it be the key? Because the hospitality of the people on Utsira is palpable. Accommodation providers and culinary experiences go hand in hand, and the locals (known as Sirabuen) have lots to offer their guests.

The island community of Røvær is just a quick express boat trip away from Indre kai quay in Haugesund. The population of just under 100 live in 35 houses on the island. Visiting Røvær is like travelling back in time – to the island where Vikings and fishermen once lived. The inlets once much used by passing seafarers are now secluded spots for sunbathing or taking a break on a walk. Røvær is also known for its incredible hospitality. And dumplings! Røvær Sjøhus serves its legendary dumplings throughout the summer.

A designer hotel...beside a power station in Suldal!

Energihotellet was designed by Geir Grung, one of Norway’s most acclaimed architects. It has an improbable location beside a power station well off the beaten track. The hotel was originally built as a staff hotel for the industrial community, and it impressively combines history with modern interiors and architecture. Its large windows invite the magnificent scenery into the hotel, and the views make up the hotel’s artworks. It is quite simply one of the finest and best preserved examples of the functionalist style in Norway.

Farm experience – for a weekend

Do you dream of waking to the sound of birds chirping and nosy sheep, and enjoying breakfast made from farm produce? You can travel 100 years back in time by staying at one of the authentic farm buildings at Fossane Gard.

Stroll barefoot through the cool summer grass, enjoy the scenery, peace and sense of time standing still. There are charming bathing spots beside the river nearby. The immediate area offers fishing opportunities, boat and kayak hire and a great network of walking trails. Fossane Gard is a truly unique experience!