Ryfylke is best known for the iconic Pulpit Rock and Mount Kjerag, which are both on the spectacular Lysefjord, but the region has lots more to offer. There are waymarked walking trails for both beginners and more experienced hikers. You can explore fjords and the archipelago from a kayak, and get a close look at large salmon as you float down a river.

If you drive along Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke, which extends from the mouth of the Lysefjord in the south to Hårå in Røldal in the north, you’ll experience lots of contrasts. You can, among other things, enjoy local fare, learn about Norwegian industrial history, feel the spray from magnificent waterfalls, study interesting architecture and learn about what life used to be like in the area.

Take plenty of time and enjoy a snack at the many unique picnic areas while you soak up the views of the fjords and mountains.

Ryfylke is concerned with sustainability. Both the Lysefjord and Suldal municipality have been awarded Sustainable Destination status and many of the operators in the region have eco-label certification.

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