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Day trips that make your holiday complete!

Here are our tips on what to do when you visit Ryfylke. These suggested day trips will make it easier to plan your stay here. If you have 2, 4 or 8 hours of time that are not yet filled with wonderful experiences, then check out our suggestions for day trips. To find the most suitable trips, you can filter them by duration, group size, activity level and category. You will need a full day for some of the tours, while others only take a few hours.

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Things to do once you're here

Accessibility is the key to great experiences. We've now made it even easier for you to find out what's actually open during your stay. On your phone, find the place you would like to visit and click on 'things to do'. Then select the date and time and you can see what's open. If you allow your phone to share your location, you can also see the distance to the experience you have selected.

A whole host of events

There are a range of events throughout the year in Ryfylke. Everything from concerts to sports events, and every year you can participate in Ryfylkedagane in Sand, Strandadagene in Jørpeland, and Saudadagane in Sauda.

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How to get to Ryfylke

We have put together an overview of how to get to Ryfylke and how to experience the region using public transport. See information about transportation here.

Travel planner for the whole of Western Norway

Use our clear and easy-to-use travel planner to explore Ryfylke and the rest of Western Norway. Create your own itinerary and get distances and information about relevant things to see and do along the way. The travel planner can easily be shared with friends and family so that everyone can make their mark on the holiday. On this page you can find more information about the travel planner and how best to use it.

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