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Voss is the activity town in Norway, and is well-known for many reasons: as a supreme winter destination, the extreme sports' capital; for the stunning nature and strong food culture.

The extreme sports environment invites you to take part in great experiences in a safe way. Anyone can try out activities like tandem skydiving, flying in the wind tunnel, rafting, mountain biking, and kayaking. The town may be full of local daredevils, but it offers activities adapted for adventurers on all levels.

A trip to Voss also offers unique culinary experiences. Do you dare to try the local tradition Smalahove (a sheep's head)?

Voss has a rich cultural history that is well preserved. Visit Vangskyrkja from the year 1277 or Finnesloftet, a banquet hall from the Middle Ages!

Bordalsgjelet is a large gorge, shaped over thousands of years and is within walking distance from the city center. Voss also has many large and beautiful waterfalls to visit - such as Tvindefossen and Skjervsfossen.

Hiking is very popular in the region. Voss Gondola takes you from Voss train station and up to Hangurstoppen at 820 masl. Here, the mountain is accessible to everyone, including those with physical disabilities.

In winter, Voss becomes a winter wonderland. There are two different ski resorts and mile after mile of cross-country trails. Myrkdalen is one of the most snow-safe skiing destinations in Norway. Combined, Voss Resort and Myrkdalen have almost 70 kilometers of alpine trails.

Choose Voss for an adventurous holiday and you won't regret it. Everything is in place for an active holiday - both on land, on the water, and in the air.

Welcome to Voss!


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