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At Voss Vind you get a unique experience of body flying in secure surroundings. Voss Vind was the first wind tunnel in Scandinavia, and is an attraction open all year round. Suitable for everyone over 5 years old! The oldest person that has flown in the tunnel was 100 years old!

The Basic package includes 3 minutes of flying, instruction and equipment. The instructor is with you inside the tunnel at all times.

NB! Meeting time is 40 minutes before your flying time, for instructions and getting ready.

Available for booking every day.

We accommodate most types of physical challenges. We have welcomed visually impaired, blind, and deaf individuals who have flown with us. Previous patients with conditions like cancer and MS, provided they have sufficient energy and are in good shape, have also had excellent flying experiences with us.

We have had visitors with prosthetics/amputations, as well as a range of other reduced physical abilities. If there are individuals facing more significant challenges, we are more than willing to provide assistance with two instructors to offer them a taste of weightlessness during the flight.

We kindly ask anyone with shoulder, neck, or back injuries to get in touch with us. Typically, individuals who have experienced dislocated shoulders or related issues are discouraged from flying since they could be re-injured due to the position they would be in during the flight.

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  • Oberst Bulls veg
  • 5705
  • Voss
+47 40105999

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