The Atlantic Road and Trollstigen roads

Northwest extends from Smøla in the north to the archipelago in Romsdal, and Sandøy, Aukra and Midsund in the south. You can experience the dramatic coastline to the far west, and two of the Norwegian Scenic Routes. The Atlanterhavsvegen road connects Averøy with the mainland, while its pole opposite, the Trollstigen road, winds its way down the hairpin bends innermost in the Romsdalen valley. 

Magnificent mountains, waterfalls and hidden gems

In Northwest, nature is one big amusement park. You can do iconic hikes to Romsdalseggen ridge and Rampestreken, Midsundtrappene and Ekkertind mountains. Visit Norway's most beautiful mountain valley, Innerdalen, or explore the many hiking opportunities in the Trollheimen mountains. There is a wide range of Trekking Association cabins in the mountains. Turn off the beaten track and experience the mysterious Trollkirka caves before driving or cycling the dramatic Aursjøvegen road. Few places in the world have more impressive waterfalls than Northwest. See the Mardalsfossen waterfall plunge down into the Eikesdalen valley or Vinnufossen waterfall cascading 865 metres down the mountainside. 

Charming small towns

The fjord town Molde and Kristiansund, a town that almost seems to float on the sea, are situated between the iconic tourist attractions. The fjords link the ocean with alpine mountains and lush valleys. Unforgettable experiences in nature await, from far out to the west and all the way inland to the mountaineering capital Åndalsnes. 

Memories for life

In Northwest, you can visit the charming fishing villages Veiholmen and Bud, fish for the world´s whitest cod and go on an eagle safari. You can experience life on an authentic summer pasture farm, eat the world's best cheese, and taste some of the many different varieties of clipfish. Recreation here is about relaxing, being active and using your senses. You can cycle on car-free islands, walk along narrow coastal paths, balance on lofty ridges and climb steep mountains. Those of us who live in this landscape do our utmost to ensure that you will love the area as much as we do by the time you return home, with lots of great memories and fantastic experiences to look back on.

We have passion for the ocean

The ocean has a magical way of capturing our attention and Fjord Norway’s coast is no exception. Experience our sandy beaches, go surfing, try kayaking among a myriad of islands and reefs or just be present in the moment. Meet welcoming locals, taste fantastic seafood and share our passion for the ocean!

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Each season offers unique adventures and a variety of nature and cultural experiences. How would you like to experience the Northwest? Here we have gathered our best travel tips for you. Be inspired!

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Plan your perfect adventure in the Northwest. Get inspired and combine interesting activities with cultural events, food experiences and unique places to stay.

See the Atlantic Road & Kvernes Stave church

Travel like the locals! Roundtrip by bus from Kristiansund to the Atlantic Road and the Kvernes Stave church. Buy your tickets here. Kristiansund - the Atlantic Road - Kvernes stave church - Kristiansund This trip takes you from Kristiansund to what is often described as the world's most beautiful road! With its location at the edge of the mighty ocean, the Atlantic Road is as beautiful in sunshine and calm weather as in full storm and rain. The Atlantic Road connects Averøy with the mainland via a series of small islands and islets spanned by a total of eight bridges over 8274 meters. The road is a national tourist route. By the Atlantic road, the bus stops at Eldhusøya, where you can take a walk on the suspended walkway around the islet. The walkway consists of latticework ("grids") "floating" above the terrain, and is suitable for or anyone. The service building at Eldhusøya, with its distinct architecture that falls into the terrain, has a café and toilets. (Open Saturdays and Sundays in the spring and every day 1st June – 31st August.) After the stop at the Atlantic Road you go back to Kårvåg and then on to Kvernes stave church. You have some time at Kårvåg before the bus to Kvernes departs, and we recommend that you visit Bjartmars Favorittkro for lunch. This is local restaurant situated just a few minutes walk from the bus stop (back along the road towards the Atlantic road). You have the possibility to buy a lunch coupon as an add-on to this trip. Kvernes stave church is a beautiful and special stave church. Dating from approx.1630.,the church is the youngest of the Norwegian stave churches. Inside the church you can see a choir screen with crucifix and royal monogram, a baroque pulpit, and painted acuantus decorations. The altarpiece is from 1475. Located with a magnificent view over the Kvernes fjord and the Frei fjord, the church bears witness of a strong ritual and religious of this place, also in pre-Christian times. Web:  (Norwegian only) Next to the church you also find Gamle Kvernes bygdemuseum, a museum with old buildings, an archealogical exhibition and various activities. Web:øk-oss/averøy/eide/gamle-kvernes-bygdemuseum  (Norwegian only) Note! Tickets to the stave church and the museum are not included in this roundtrip. Departure from: Kristiansund bus terminal

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