This spectacular trip is not to be missed! You will really experience why the valley Sunndalen is mentioned as "Wild and Beautiful". The mountain peak Ekkertinden, 1189 m.a.s.l., is Sunndal's version of Preikestolen (the Preacher's Pulpit in Lysefjorden). 

Route description The hike starts at Vollan farm, where you follow the marked path, winding steeply upwards in a lush flower and birch forest to the mountain pasture Vollasetra. This is a self-service cabin, and if you plan to split the hike in different daily stages, you can also spend the night there. The hike from Vollasetra up to Ekkertinden follows a red-marked path up the ridge to Litlhøa and further on from the pass at Litlhøa in an easy terrain towards south-west to Ekkertinden. At Vollasetra, follow the sign Stikk UT! (get out!) with an arrow to the right. The first part of the path along the river passes the water channel nearby. Follow the red and blue marks on your way up and remember to take left and continue up the mountain side at the mark. Enjoy your trip!

Arrival and parking: Vollen farm, Gjøra in upper Sunndal


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