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The Mirror has three walls out of four made up of mirror glass windows. It is not possible to look in from the outside, but from the inside you will have a clear view of the nature around the cabin. The Mirror has all amenities: shower, hot tub, toilet, electricity from solar panels, electric stove, barbecue, and everything else you might need for an unforgettable stay.

The Mirror is provided with food and drinks in the refrigerator. Some choose to bring their own food, which can be bought at the store, located a 15-minute drive from The Mirror.

Upon arrival the hot tub will be filled and heated, and you can enjoy yourselves long into the small hours of the morning.

The Mirror is located in a very steep terrain and is deemed unsuitable for small children.

Welcome to Grautaneset

A romantic experience in nature. By the foot of the spectacular mountain Tustnastabben, lies the picturesque Grautaneset. On one side you will find a view of the ocean, where you can enjoy watching the sun disappear into the sea at sunset. On the other side you can watch Tustnastabben stretch towards the sky, 830 metres above sea level. Grautaneset lies undisturbed by the mountain, protected from the stress and fuss of society. Bring the one you love and enjoy an adventure in nature unlike any other.

Grautaneset is not far from the ocean. Here you will have opportunities to fish, swim, or just relax on the smooth rocks and enjoy life.

Aure municipality, and especially the island Stabblandet, where Grautaneset is situated, is known for fantastic hiking possibilities in the mountain. There are two mountain ridges on Stabblandet, the compact Innerbergssalen/Stabben along the western side of the island, and the mountains Storøra and Litløra that continue into a smaller ridge along the east side of the island. Between these ridges lies the valley Soleimsdalen. Innerbergssalen is the highest mountain in Aure municipality with its 908 meters above sea level, which also makes it the highest top on an island in southern Norway. The island Tustna is located just across the bay from Grautaneset, another great location for hiking, fishing, and exploring.

See also Grautaneset Artic Dome.

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Where is The Mirror at Grautaneset?