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Bergen is surrounded by the fjords and is easily accessible. The people of Bergen are proud of their city and its traditions, and in Norway’s second largest city you will find a wide range of attractions, museums, and sightseeing options. Visit Bryggen in Bergen – the Hanseatic wharf, take the Fløibanen funicular to the top of Mount Fløyen, enjoy the view and walk on exciting nature trails. You can ‘float’ to the top of Bergen’s highest mountain in the Ulriken 643 cable car. From the top, you can enjoy magnificent views of Bergen and the surrounding area – the sea, the islands, fjords and mountains. There are lots of sightseeing and fjord trips of varying lengths you can do that will give you memories for life. Read more about the city of Bergen.

Experience the region of Bergen!

The Bergen region has a fantastic coastline with thousands of large and small islands, a rich cultural scene and lots of opportunities for active pursuits. The island archipelago is an open invitation to the fjords that cut through the landscape, creating majestic and richly contrasting scenery. Here, waterfalls cascade down the mountainsides, while perpetual snow glistens on the summits and lush green pastures brighten up the fjord landscape.

The Austevoll archipelago

The Austevoll archipelago and its 667 islands and islets is situated between Bergen and Stord, and its biggest villages are Storebø and Bekkjarvik. You can take the boat from Strandkaiterminalen in the centre of Bergen to Bekkjarvik. Austevoll is a cycling paradise now that the biggest islands have been linked together by bridges.

Untouched nature in Nordhordland

In Nordhordland, between Bergen and the Sognefjord, you will find beautiful fjords, untouched nature and narrow straits with strong currents. Take the boat from the centre of Bergen to Mostraumen strait and experience sheer mountains and waterfalls, idyllic farms and small villages, fauna and fresh sea air. Or visit Fedje – the village in the sea with a population of just over 500, at the edge of the ocean.

Good food and music in Tysnes

Tysnes is the place for great culinary experiences and the family-friendly music festival Tysnesfest. Eat delicious food at Mandelhuset between concerts. In Øygarden you can go birdwatching, walk on beautiful coastal paths, go fishing, kayaking or try coasteering. There are also several museums here where you can learn more about the history of the war and the occupation.


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Explore Bergen and the region!

There’s lots of exciting things to do in Norway’s second biggest city!

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