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The small village of Hosanger in Osterøy is located about 50 minutes to drive from Bergen city center. You can also take bus no. 900 from Bergen bus station to Hosanger on Osterøy. The bus takes about 1 hour and 25 minutes Timetables are available on The bus stop is very close to Mjøsvågen where the walk starts.

If you love to go hiking there are several good options in Bergen and the 7 mountains that surrounds the city as well as in the beautiful region outside the city. The highlight on the this hike up Kossdalssvingane is the 17 hairpin bends. Perfect for those Facebook and Instagram posts!

The hike is approximately 2,5 kilometers and it is a relatively easy walk. The hike is also suitable for families with children. Estimated time is about 1.5 hours back and forth. Most of the walk is on a gravel road so you should be fine with ordinary sneakers.

Starting point and parking: The starting point for the trip is Mjøsvågen in Hosanger. The best is to park by the school called Hosanger Montessoriskule.

From Mjøsvågen there is an old road into Kossdalen. The road was previously the main road between Hosanger and the farms further inland on Osterøy but is now car-free. The road itself is worth the trip, as it is a cultural-historical road monument from the end of the 19th century. At the far end it rises steeply 175 meters up the valley side. In 400 meters you will walk a total of 17 hairpin bends. The climb is on average 27%. Take your time and enjoy the view along route.

Bicycle rental: If hiking is not your thing, you can rent a bike at Mjøsvågen Landhandleri and cycle up the steep hairpin bends. Put the bike in the lowest gear and find your inner Tour de France cyclist! But check that the brakes work before you go downhill!

When you return to Mjøsvågen Landhandleri, you can reward yourself with freshly baked pastry and a cup of coffee. This is a really charming local shop and worth the visit. The shop is open year-round.

About Osterøy: Osterøy is only half an hour drive from Bergen. It is a beautiful inland island surrounded by fjords. To get to Osterøy you can drive from Bergen and across the bridge called Osterøybrua or you can use the ferry. Osterøy is a large island and it takes time to get around, but there are lots of things to do and you can quite easily fill an entire day here! Read more about Osterøy and tips on things to do.

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Source: Visit Bergen


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Where is Walk up the 17 hairpin bends at Kossdalsvingane on Osterøy?