The valley resembles a cathedral, dominated by the 1,394 metre Innerdalstårnet/Dalatårnet, which towers over the valley like a natural spire. A crystal clear lake sparkles on the valley floor and streams and small rivers cascade down from the glaciers above. A network of marked paths takes you out of the valley and into the mountains, where Renndølsetra summer pasture farm lies ready to welcome you with traditional fare and farm animals, the smell of firewood heating the pots and pans on the stove, a seat at the long table and a bed in the old timbered-walled farmhouse. Further into the mountains, you come to the Innerdalshyttene cabins, one old and one new cabin, which are run by the Norwegian Mountain Hiking Association and which have long been used as a stopping place, and a place to eat and stay overnight by travellers in the mountains.

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Where is Innerdalen - Norway's most beautiful mountain valley?