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Averøy is situated between Molde and Kristiansund and is best known for its Norwegian Scenic Route Atlantic Road, the adventure island Håholmen, and sea sports. It’s also home to two rock carving sites that date back to the Stone Age – Søbstad and Røsandberget – as well as one of Norway's youngest stave churches.

Kvernes stave church and the Coastal Pilgrim Route

Kvernes stave church was built around the year 1300. The church can be found along the Coastal Pilgrim Route, which runs from Egersund, via Stavanger, Bergen and Ålesund, to Trondheim. When travelling these parts, Borgstua at Kvernes Prestegård vicarage , situated right next to the stave church, offers comfortable accommodation in historic buildings. When visiting Averøya in summer, we recommend a trip to Gamle Kvernes village museum, where you can explore old buildings and see a large collection of historical artifacts.

Håholmen island – a piece of history by the open sea

Håholmen island is another popular destination in Averøy. The island was once the home of adventurer Ragnar Torset, but is now a Classic Norway hotel offering accommodation, a restaurant, and course and conference facilities. At the Saga Siglar Hall on Håholmen you can get an insight into Ragnar Torset’s incredible Viking-ship voyages. Håholmen is five minutes from the Atlantic Road and the hotel transports its guests to and from the island by boat.

Sea sports and walks

If you enjoy getting wet, there’s a brilliant selection of water sports near the Atlantic Road, including diving, fishing trips and seal safaris at the well-established Strømsholmen Sea Sports Centre.

If you would prefer a good walk, Bremsneshola cave is a fascinating destination, where there’s been several finds from the Stone Age as well as 10,000-year-old finds from the local Fosna culture. Above Bremsneshola cave is Bremsneshatten mountain, with panoramic views of the ocean, towns, fjords and mountains.

A modern fishing, aquacultural and agricultural municipality

Ever since the last Ice Age (the Fosna culture), people have found their way to Averøy. These days, Averøy offers adventures to anyone who enjoys fishing, sea sports or other coastal activities. There are plenty of places to stay on Averøy, including rorbu fishman cottages and rental cabins, many of which have boat rental included in the price. Bruhagen and Kårvåg on Averøy have a good selection of shops, places to eat, and local cultural events.

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