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By train

Experience Europe's most beautiful train journey on the Rauma Railway from Dombås to Åndalsnes. From Trondheim and Oslo you can take the Dovre Railway to Dombås, then change to the Rauma Railway to Åndalsnes.

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Connecting trains and bus services

From the railway station in the centre of Åndalsnes there are connecting bus services around the county. For example, train times correspond with bus services to and from Molde and Ålesund. To and from Kristiansund, buses go to Åndalsnes via Molde.

By bus

The express bus service has good connections throughout the region. Travel by bus from Trondheim to Kristiansund or from Trondheim, Oppdal via Sunndal to Kristiansund. From Kristiansund, there are good bus connections to Ålesund, Åndalsnes and, in summer, across the Trollstigen road to Geiranger. There is also a night bus from Åndalsnes to Oslo.

Information about bus times can be found here:

  • FRAM public transport in Møre and Romsdal:
  • FRAM timetable information: tel. 712 80 100
  • The FRAM app is available from the Appstore and Google Play.
  • ‘Travel like the locals’ are package tours that use scheduled bus services:
  • VY-buss operates services to several destinations, with departures both day and night

Buy a ticket before boarding

Everyone is encouraged to buy a ticket before travelling. You can pay with a bank card, use a travel card, or register a ticket bought in the FRAM app or on the website by using the ticket reader at the front of the bus. You can use the En Tur or NOR-WAY travel planners on public transport to and around Møre and Romsdal.

Cars and car rental

All roads lead to Nordmøre og Romsdal, and many stretches of road promise unforgettable driving experiences.

From Oslo, follow the E6 road to Dombås, and then the E136 road through Romsdalen to Åndalsnes. From Åndalsnes, take the RV64 road before joining the E39 road towards Molde and Kristiansund. If you’re travelling to Tingvoll, Sunndal, Innerdalen, Todalen and Sunndalsøra, follow the E6 to Oppdal and then take the RV70 road to Sunndalsøra. The FV62 road continues to Angvika and Molde, while the FV670 and 671 continue to Todalen and Sunndalsøra.

From Trondheim , follow the E39 road via Orkanger and Valsøya to Gjemnessundbrua bridge. From there, take the RV70 road to Kristiansund or Tingvoll and Sunndalsøra. The E39 continues to Molde. Alternatively, you can take the E6 road to Oppdal and follow the RV70 on to Kristiansund via Sunndalsøra. This journey takes a bit longer but, in the summer, allows you to explore the mountains of Sunndal and Aursjøvegen. The FV62 road continues to Angvika and Molde, while the FV670 and 671 continue to Todalen and Sunndalsøra.

From Bergen to Ålesund there are several routes, although the E39 is the main road between the fjords. Alternatively, follow the E39 to Byrkjelo and then the RV60 past Olden and Stryn towards Ålesund. From Ålesund, follow the E39 to Vestnes, where you can take the E136 towards Åndalsnes and the Trollstigen road, or continue on the E39 towards Molde, the Atlantic Road and Kristiansund. The FV62 road takes you on to Angvika, Eresfjord, the Aursjøveien road, Sunndal, Innerdalen and Sunndalsøra.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, it might be useful to rent a car. It’s not often that public transport can get you to the starting point of trips.

An overview of car rental in Northwest

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By air

There are two airports in Northwest: Molde Airport, Årø (MOL) and Kristiansund Airport, Kvernberget (KRS). It’s also possible to use Ålesund Vigra Airport (AES) when visiting Nordmøre and Romsdal. From there, it’s about 2 hours to Molde, 1 hour 50 minutes to Åndalsnes, and 3 hours 15 minutes to Kristiansund.