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About the hike

Romsdalseggen ridge is a popular attraction in Northwest and the best time to do this mountain tour is from June to September. The trip is demanding and you need to be well prepared, in good physical shape and have the right equipment. The trail leads through a varied landscape, from the forest in Venjesdalen valley to open sections and bare mountains up to 1,329 meters above sea level. Some places require a little climbing. The weather at the top can quickly become cold and inhospitable and if you’re not familiar with the area, we recommend taking the trip with a local guide.

Panoramic views

Romsdalseggen ridge rises up from the deep Romsdalen valley like a giant rooster's comb. It’s not without reason that Åndalsnes is known as Norway’s ‘mountaineering capital’. From Romsdalseggen ridge you can see such sights as Trollveggen mountain and its row of rugged peaks standing proud. With its vertical drop of around 1,000 metres, the mountain offers challenges for both climbers and base jumpers. The panorama gives you a 360-degree view of some of Romsdalen's most famous mountain peaks; Romsdalshorn, Kongen (The King), Dronningen (The Queen) and Bispen (The Bishop). You can also see all the way to the town of Molde and the Norwegian Sea. Far below on the valley floor you can get a glimpse of Rauma river winding its way through the landscape, and the Rauma Railway train tracks that carry the trains between Åndalsnes and Dombås.

The meeting point Nesaksla

Nesaksla (708 metres above sea level) is where several paths, and hikers, meet. At Nesaksla you’ll meet those who’ve climbed the Via Ferrata route, and those who’ve made the trip from Åndalsnes via the Romsdalstrappa steps and the Rampestreken viewpoint, and those who’ve travelled to Nesaksla with the Romsdal gondola. At Eggen restaurant you can enjoy refreshments, snacks, or a proper meal before continuing your journey down to the centre of Åndalsnes.

Romsdalstrappa steps and Rampstreken viewpoint

When you head down from Nesaksla, you will arrive at the Romsdalstrappa steps, built in stone by Nepalese Sherpas. It's here you can experience the spectacular viewpoint Rampestreken. Rampestreken is a twenty-meter-long steel platform, the last eight meters of which hang in mid-air with only a grate to support you

. Visitors who’ve stood at the end of the viewing platform have different spontaneous reactions: Some get butterflies in their tummies, while others find it both intense and ethereal. Either way, you’re guaranteed an amazing photo opportunity.

If you don't fancy walking the last stretch from Nesaksla to Åndalsnes, the Romsdals gondola takes you down the mountain in about five minutes.

Getting to Romsdalseggen ridge

Starting from Åndalsnes, it's easy to get to the starting point for the trip over the Romsdalseggen ridge. The Romsdalseggen bus service runs to Venjesdalen valley and the walk itself takes you back to Åndalsnes. From June to September, the Romsdalseggen bus runs from Åndalsnes bus and railway station to Venjesdalen valley. The bus starts outside the Norwegian Mountaineering Centre (Norsk Tindesenter) and it takes about twenty minutes to the hiking trail.

Parking at Åndalsnes

We recommend parking at Rauma Kulturhus (cultural centre) and Romsdalseggen Parking. This is the nearest car park to the Romsdalstrappa steps and Rampestreken viewpoint. It takes about four minutes to the bus station at the Norwegian Mountaineering Centre and the Romsdal gondola.

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