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The fjord with many natural attractions

The E134 road follows the southern side of the Åkrafjord from Haugesund towards Haukelifjell, and on to Oslo. The Åkrafjord is 32 km long, and is narrow and deep. The mountainsides are steep and tower above the fjord in many places, but there are also open sections with villages, farms with orchards and lovely scenic highlights like waterfalls and views of the Folgefonna glacier. Most of the people who live along the Åkrafjord live on its southern side where there is a road. There are still a few populated farms on the northern side, despite there being no road, but there are also many abandoned farm clusters that bear witness to the lives and farms that once thrived on the fjord.


Langfoss is one of Norway’s most beautiful waterfalls and you can experience it up close driving across it on the E134 road, or you can walk up along the waterfall on a waymarked path. Another great option is to board a fjordcruise in Åkrafjorden. Langfoss is most lively in spring when warmer weather is just around the corner and the snow has started melting.

Activities – from fjord to mountaintop

You will find a range of exciting activities in the Åkrafjord, whether you’re looking for a rush of adrenaline or a bit of peace and quiet. There are lots of accommodation options; microhouses, apartments or a charming B&B. Åkrafjordtunet serves delicious fare made from local produce.

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Travel inspiration for the Åkrafjord

Find inspiration here to help you plan your visit to Etne and the Åkrafjord. We have gathered some articles together here written by people who know the Åkrafjord well.

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