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Via Ferrata Kyrkjeveggen, situated in Fjæra near the Åkrafjord, is one of Norway's toughest Via Ferrata trails. Where possible, the climbing route follows the mountainside and steps and holds have been installed in the most challenging sections, so that as many people as possible can climb the route. It's about 900 metres from the starting point at 50 metres above sea level to the top ledge at 550 metres above sea level. Once you’ve finished the climb, a marked trail leads you back to the starting point at Åkrafjorden Nature. For a longer trip, you can walk to Fjæratoppen, 713 metres above sea level, where you can see the whole of Langfoss waterfall on the other side of the fjord.

Practical information:

  • Booking a climbing guide for the tour is recommended.
  • The recommended minimum age limit is 12 years.
  • Expected duration with a guide: 5–7 hours, including breaks.
  • Take: a packed lunch, 1.5 litres of drink (ideally more on hot days), windproof jacket, long trousers, neck gaiter/hat, trainers with raw rubber soles with good grip, mountain bag – max 5 kg.

Experienced Via Ferrata climbers can do the climb on their own but must register with Åkrafjorden Nature B&B and pay a climbing fee. All climbing etc. is at your own risk, and you must fill in a self-declaration form with your contact details. If you are climbing on your own, remember that it is a safety requirement to have Via Ferrata lanyards with shock absorber or y-sling to climb Via Ferrata Kyrkjeveggen. Equipment such as helmets and slings can be rented from Åkrafjorden Nature.

Via Ferrata climbing this summer

From 20 June to mid-August, Åkrafjorden Nature arranges daily via ferrata climbs at 10.00. Meet at 09.30 at Åkrafjorden Nature to join.

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  • Åkrafjorden Nature B&B AS, Fjæravegen 138
  • 5598 FJÆRA
+47 908 44 918


With a guide:
Equipment for rent:
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Where is Via Ferrata Kyrkjeveggen?