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The great Langfoss waterfall drops 600 meters down to the fjord below. Just 1h 30 min or so from Haugesund, you may experience the waterfall that CNN voted one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

The waterfall

Driving alongside Åkrafjorden, it is impossible to miss Langfoss waterfall. The road brings you just next to the waterfall, and if you roll down the windows as you pass by in your car, you can feel the light drops of the waterfall on you skin. And you will hear the sound of the water running down the steep mountain next to you, wild and powerful. Still, you should stop the car at the small parking lot next to it, to take a look at the white, foamy water dancing around like little clouds, surrounding the water dropping straight into the fjord beneath. It is also possible to hike along the waterfall.

The fjord

Boarding a cruise at Åkrafjorden lets you experience the Norwegian nature one highlight after the other as the boat cruises softly through the fjord. The contrasts found in the fjord are many. You will see waterfalls drop into the quiet fjord between the steep, rough mountains, as well as enjoy the beauty of the lush greens also found alongside the fjord. The highlight of the boat trip is of course seeing the Langfoss waterfall from below. 

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Green certifications

Langfoss Waterfall has received certification for its environmental efforts from:
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Where is Langfoss Waterfall?