1. Via Ferrata in Kyrkjeveggen – 550 metres straight up!

We present what must be Norway’s toughest climbing route, a 900-metre path that climbs 550 metres straight up.

Via ferrata is the term used for a climbing path comprising fixed steel rungs on the rock face.

The method makes climbing a safe experience for everyone who wants to try, regardless of their climbing skills or knowledge.

The highest summit is Fjæratoppen, at 713 metres above sea level. The last leg up to the top of Fjæratoppen is on an ordinary path.

Enjoy a new sense of mastery when you make it to the top. Strongly recommended!

Please note! All activity on the rock face must be registered with Åkrafjorden Nature.

© Skattkammeret Suldal. Foto: Lise Bjelland

2. Salmon safari – swim with salmon

You read it right, this is not a traditional safari where you admire the object from a safe distance.

On a salmon safari with Mo Laksegård, you will be equipped with a wetsuit and directed to the river currents of the river Suldalslågen.

(Qualified guides will provide a short course beforehand, and accompany you in the water in a canoe).

The currents will take you around 2.5 km downstream, and you can try to spot salmon through your diving mask as you lie floating in the river.

Suldalslågen is known for big salmon weighing more than 20 kg! Swimming with salmon and trout out in the wild, and studying them up close is a fun, magical experience.

And one that you’ll definitely never forget.

3. Høyt og Lavt – climbing park with something for everyone!

Idyllic Nedstrand outside Haugesund is a well-known hiking destination with many great mountains. It is also home to the climbing park Høyt og Lavt Nedstrand, a must for people travelling in the area.

Try Norway’s only 304-metre zipline – with a view of the fjord!

© Visit Ryfylke

4. Mountain biking – off-road biking at Jørpeland

Ryfylke is taking up the gauntlet to become Norway’s number one biking destination and has started developing an off-road biking network in Jørpeland with a price tag of hundreds of millions of Norwegian kroner.

The first 1.5 km section opened in May this year, offering high-speed lofty jumps and sudden bends.

The path follows the mountain ridge, and those who don’t need to have their eyes glued to the path can enjoy the backdrop of magnificent scenery.

Mountain biking is already a very popular activity that attracts both adults and children, and this type of biking has really taken off during the Coronavirus pandemic.

People want to get out into the great outdoors and feel that they’re alive!

Dalen Stisykling scores ten out of ten on that front.

5. SUP – standup paddleboarding in the archipelago

A SUP (standup paddleboard) has to be one of the best ways of experiencing the ocean, without (hopefully) becoming breathless or getting wet.

Setting off on a SUP is an enchanting experience that offers a sense of calm and excitement at the same time, as well as new impressions.

Raw Ocean Lodge on Karmøy hires out SUP equipment and can take you on a guided tour of secret inlets in the archipelago around the lodge. Raw Ocean Lodge also offers surfing courses and equipment for hire.

Balm for the soul, and a fun experience to boot.

Suitable for everyone!

(Raw Ocean Lodge also hires out equipment and runs surfing courses, exotic accommodation in a dome, coastal walks and more)

6. RIB in Smedasundet sound

Activities are also available for those of you who like to get your heart racing, but not necessarily under your own steam.

Step on board a RIB boat in the historical Smedasundet sound, and let it take you where your heart desires.

The trip is (naturally) a high-speed experience, and you can choose between an island safari, a trip to the island community Røvær, a sightseeing trip in more sheltered waters or a trip to the exclusive Høyevarde lighthouse.

Fasten your seat belt and soak up the impressions!

© Marie von Krogh

7. Explore the Lysefjord from the seat of a bike!

Few areas offer more impressions than the Lysefjord. People rave about the views from the landmarks in the Lysefjord, and it is all but impossible to rank them.

Gøysa Gard provides, in addition to idyllic accommodation (worth the visit alone), bike hire and guided cycling tours of the area.

Gøysa Gard has both electric bikes and conventional bikes for hire.

It is also possible to hire a bike for several days so that you can combine a cycling trip with a night in a tent or hammock.

8. Bungee jump from Trolljuv Bridge

Adrenaline junkies will find lots to do in the area around the Åkrafjord.

They can, for example, do a bungee jump from Trolljuv Bridge, a bridge suspended at a dizzying altitude between two tunnels above the Åkrafjord, in a gorge that lives up to its dramatic name (literally troll gorge).

With the bungee safely fastened to the harness, you step up onto the ramp, with the fjord 115 metres below you.

Jumping off will take your breath away as the walls of the narrow gorge come hurtling towards you!

Minimum age: 16 years.

© Fjordexpedition

9. Kayaking around Jørpeland – a bestseller!

Guided kayaking trips of the islets around Jørpeland are available just ten minutes from Pulpit Rock.

Salmon abound in this area in the summer, and you may even see them jumping right beside your kayak!

Glide silently past the abundant fauna and nesting birds, without disturbing them.

Fjordexpedition’s guides take you to beautiful places, and ensure that you have a safe experience on the fjord.

It’s also possible to order a packed lunch for the trip, made by the local bakery, and both the sandwich ingredients and the apple juice provided come from the local area.

© SBK Base

10. Mount Kjerag – a Mecca for base jumpers

The last tip presented here is for those with special interests. However, we can’t write an article entitled ‘this year’s most intense experiences’ without including the most intense one of them all:

Mount Kjerag, which is one of the world’s most popular destinations for base jumpers. The target group is not the biggest, but what a rush for those who qualify!

And although you don’t simply become a base jumper overnight, you can stay in the area and experience a range of other activities or accommodation options.

SBK Base activity centre offers SUP, kayaks, motor and pedal boats, cycling, water-skiing, bouldering, fishing equipment and more.

That should guarantee a summer holiday you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Are you ready for the summer holiday?

In Haugesund and Ryfylke, great holiday experiences are lined up. Plan this year’s summer holiday to Haugesund and Ryfylke here!

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