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The iconic Preikestolen and other must-do hikes this summer

Fill your holiday with spectacular nature experiences and soak up the fresh air and raw nature. Follow in Tom Cruise’s footsteps and visit the iconic Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) this summer, or take some holiday snaps from Kjeragbolten boulder on the Lysefjord. These truly are bucket-list experiences for hiking enthusiasts – an absolute must!

At the Åkrafjord, you can join local guides from Åkrafjorden Nature for a guided tour up Langfoss waterfall, to the giant's cauldrons at Rullestad or to other hidden places they will happily share with you. Let them know your wishes and they can tailor a hike that's right for you.

From Nedstrand, 50 minutes from Haugesund, you can hike to what is often referred to as ‘Trolltunga's little sister’: Himakånå. The hike to the top only takes an hour, so it doesn’t take long before you can enjoy the view. Don't forget to pack the obligatory Kvikk Lunsj chocolate bar in your backpack to enjoy at the summit! For Norwegians, it’s a must on every hike! The chocolate is a bit like KitKat, but is of course much better!

Find more hidden hiking destinations such as the mountains Hovlandsnuten and Skomakarnibbå in Ryfylke.

Climb one of Norway's toughest Via Ferrata routes along the Åkrafjord

If there's one route you really should check off your bucket list this year, it's Via Ferrata Kyrkjeveggen in the Åkrafjord. This spectacular route leads you 550 metres up the steep mountainside, and the view just gets better and better the higher you climb. Local guides accompany you all the way to the top, and the route guarantees both high adrenaline and a great sense of mastery. If you would prefer to climb a slightly less demanding via ferrata, a good option is Via Ferrata Ingdalen on the Åkrafjord.

Via Ferrata Kyrkjeveggen|© Linn Totland

Climb the world's longest wooden stairway in Flørli

Flørli is a roadless village halfway along the Lysefjord that not only boasts a world record but also spectacular experiences. If you put on your hiking shoes and climb all 4,444 steps, you can boast of having climbed the world's longest wooden stairway. You can also go on a cliff walkin Flørli and take a picture from the highlight of the trip: Kallaliklumpen, a boulder jutting out high above the fjord. Flørli also has a number accommodation options, including apartments and a hostel, as well as a café situated at the old power station.

© Flørli 4444

Canyoning – a combination of climbing, swimming and abseiling

Steep mountains, waterfalls and deep pools promise wonderful experiences for the adventurous. In the Åkrafjord, you can go canyoning with local guides, an activity that combines climbing, abseiling, swimming and clambering through the wild landscape. Have your very own James Bond moment as you feel the adrenaline rush of abseiling down waterfalls! You can then stay overnight at Åkrafjorden Nature B&B or Åkrafjorden Glamping.

Swim with wild salmon on a salmon safari in Suldal

Swim with salmon? That’s right – you can actually swim with salmon at Mo Laksegard! Wearing a dry suit and diving mask, you float down Suldalsågen river alongside wild salmon and trout. Swimming with the fish in the wild and studying them up close is an experience you'll never forget. You can look forward to telling friends and family (and Instagram) about an adventure that most people have never experienced.

Stand-up paddleboarding and surfing at Raw Ocean Lodge

The eco-lodge Raw Ocean Lodge is situated at Sandve, on the southern tip of Karmøy island. It is run by a group of friends who are passionate about the ocean, a passion that’s reflected in the activities and accommodation they offer. Could this be the summer you learn to surf or finally master stand-up paddleboarding (SUP)?

Kayaking in the majestic Lysefjord

There are few things better than the fresh sea breeze and the sound of the paddle hitting the water. Fjord Expedition offers guided kayak tours around Jørpeland, and kayak hire from Forsand and Jørpeland, where you can paddle a kayak in amazing surroundings. If you would like to hire a kayak and go kayaking without a guide, you need to have previous experience and be familiar with basic safety procedures. Nordic Padling offers guided tours of the Lysefjord, which is a wonderful way to experience the fjord and see the iconic Pulpit Rock from a whole new perspective.

© Nordic Paddling

Lively seas and calm waters on a RIB boat

A RIB tour of Smedasundet (Haugesund)is a real adventure, with Viking Adventure’s local skippers promising high speed and action. The tour takes you out to the open sea, the straits and the narrow channels around nearby islands. If you’re lucky, you might even get to glimpse a majestic sea eagle on the tour, as one of the islands is a breeding ground.

Fast-paced bike ride in Jørpeland

Experience speed and excitement from the saddle of a bike at Dalen Stisenter in Jørpeland. The 1.5 km round-trip trail is just as fun for experienced cyclists as it is for beginners. The bike trail is free, but you must bring your own bike and the necessary safety equipment, including a helmet.

Prepare for a new, action-packed day with a sauna

Active days can lead to aching muscles. The perfect antidote is to spend time in a sauna or floating sauna, followed by a refreshing dip. There are a number of saunas in Ryfylke and Haugesund that you can try during your holiday. Preikestolen Basecamp, Moskjelen in Sand, Ryfylke Fjordsauna, Heit Haugesund, Heit Åkrafjorden and Bade-Olena in Skudeneshavn are the perfect way to relieve aching muscles. They also guarantee a revitalising summer no matter the weather in Fjord Norway!

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