The area around Kinn was the central herring region in Norway during large parts of the 19th century. At its height, there were about 15 000 people living on Kinn Island and the surrounding islands during the herring season. There are currently only a couple of people who live on Kinn Island full tie today. The Island is the home of the beautiful stone church from the Middle Ages. The mythical church is built in the roman building style and has been used since the 12th century. This is the oldest church in Sunnfjord region, and was traditionally linked to the legend of St. Sunniva and Selju Menn. The church sits at the base of the steep mountain of Kinn, and the massive Kinnaklova is its nearest neighbor. The famous cleft cliff of Kinn is famous along the coast, as its characteristic shape has always been a guide for sailors along our coast.

Local boats to Kinn

You can travel with the local boat from the coastal town Florø out to Kinn. The boat departs from Fugleskjærskaia in Florø daily and brings passangers past the many islands and islets. There are 5 departing boats Monday to Friday, and 2 boats during the weekend, and there is also an additional route during the summer season. Visit to search for routes. Tickets can be purchased on board the local boat.

Important information

The local boat only stops at Kinn if the crew knows there will be passagers. You can find the phone number to the boat when you look up the routes on Call the boat before it departs from Florø to ask it to stop at Kinn.

Walking paths

When arriving at Kinn you can follow the road to your right towards Kinn church. The walk along the 1 km long gravel takes about 20 minutes. If you want to walk even further, you can continue on the hiking path around the island and end up by the quay where you can catch the local boat back to Florø. The hike from the church to the quay is about 3 km long and takes around 2 hours.


Kinnaspelet is a Norwegian outdoor theatre on the beautiful island of Kinn. 150 actors performing a pageant about love, faith and Vikings conquering Ireland. The play is being held on the third weekend in June, every year. More information here

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