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Be captivated by the island, its history, the medieval church and the famous Kinnaklova, which is also a famous sailing mark along the shipping route.

Where is Kinnaklova located?

Kinnaklova is located on the island of Kinn outside Florø in Kinn municipality. The island is about 2.5 km2 and has its highest point at 315 meters above sea level. The island has no regular road.

Traveling to Kinn with your own boat

There is a small floating quay where you can come with your own boat. The price is 100,- per 4 hours and 200,- per day. You can stay for free at the stone quay, but not so that you are in the way of scheduled boats and ambulance boats.

Season for hiking to Kinnaklova

During winter, Kinnaklova may be covered with ice and snow, and it is therefore recommended to hike up the mountain during the period when there is no snow or ice. The season for hiking can therefore vary, but is set around February / March - October / November.

Tour description to Kinnaklova

The trip to Kinnaklova starts from the ferry harbor on the island of Kinn. From the quay, turn right and follow the 1 km gravel tractor road to Kinn church. The walk from the quay to the church takes about 20 minutes at a normal pace.

From the church, you walk past a fence towards Kinnaklova. If you want to walk up the gap between the two gorges, you need good shoes and plenty of time. There are a lot of loose rocks in a steep terrain. In the center of the gorge, the path goes slightly to the right, making it easier to walk. It's great to see Kinnakyrkja in the east and the sea in the west.

Around Kinnaklova

If you want to go down another road, you can go down the west side. There is a clear path with some loose gravel and stones. Once down, you can walk on the north side of the island (Nordre Stauren), which is also the most common and best way to walk. The path runs along rocky outcrops, heather, and grass. Here you have a nice view of Ytterøyane lighthouse. The last section, before returning to the good path that leads to Kinn Church, can be wet. From here you can either choose to walk back to the church and follow the gravel road back to the boat, or walk around the island through Høgskaret.


Høgskaret is located on the left side of Kinnaklova. The terrain up and down Høgskaret is somewhat steep. It is about 3 kilometers from the church and around the island back to the quay. You should therefore expect to use about 2 hours of walking time.

Inste Stauren

Inste Stauren is the highest peak on Kinnaklova. You should allow extra time here as the path is steep. From the top, you have a magnificent view. The path up to Inste Stauren is marked.


  • St. Sunniva vegen
  • 6912
  • Kinn
+47 577 43 000


Total ascent:
  • 269m
Level of difficulty:
  • Medium (blue)
  • 6km
  • Short (0.5-3h)
  • Daytrip (4-12h)
  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Autumn
  • Path
  • Gravel

Where is Hike to Kinnaklova at the Island Kinn?