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It is easy to travel by boat and ferries to the Fjord Coast & Sunnfjord region. The regional express boats and local boats and ferries tie the coast together, and will give you many exciting places to visit.

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Expressboat from Bergen

Travelling by express boat along the coast is a comfortable way to journey through the beautiful landscape of coastlines and fjords. The express boat makes a trip to and from Bergen twice a day, Monday to Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays, the boat makes one trip a day. The boat stops at the following destinations:

  • Bergen
  • Lygra
  • Vardetangen
  • Mjømna (Gulen)
  • Skjerjehamn (Gulen)
  • Sollibotn (Gulen)
  • Rysjedalsvika (Hyllestad)
  • Krakhelle (Solund)
  • Askvoll (Askvoll)
  • Florø (Kinn)
  • Smørhamn (Bremanger)
  • Leirgulen (Bremanger)
  • Måløy (Kinn)
  • Selje

Book your tickets and find information about timetables at

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Local boat and car ferry services

Local boats and car ferries sail along the Fjord Coast and Sunnfjord region to towns, villages and to large and small islands. You can easily buy a ticket on board. Some of the stops are marked with an asterisk, which means that stopping there has to be booked in advance. See or phone Visit FjordKysten on (+47) 577 43 000 for more information. A boat trip is an excellent opportunity to relax while admiring the beautiful landscape you pass through.

Travel for free

Some ferries are free for you and your vehicle; this includes the ferry routes:

  • Rutledal - Rysjedalsvika - Losna - Krakhella
  • Askvoll - Fure - Værlandet
  • Askvoll - Gjervik - Fure - Askvoll
  • Daløy - Haldorsneset

Local boats and car ferries can transport you on the following routes:


Florø - Veiesund - Askrova - Stavang - Svanøy

Florø - Batalden - Rognaldsvåg - Kinn (kveldsruter)

Florø - Barekstad - Batalden - Fanøy - Rognaldsvåg - Kinn

Florø - Barekstad - Batalden - Fanøy

Florø - Rognaldsvåg - Kinn

Måløy - Smørhamn - Florø (Kystvegekspressen)

For more information about the boat routes in and around Florø, see





Eivindvik - Mjømna - Mastrevik - Nåra

Gulen -Ytre Solund

Gåsvær - Midtre Solund - Hardbakke

Hardbakke - Nåra - Mjømna

Hardbakke - Kolgrov - Utvær

Saltskår - Hersvik



Rysjedalsvika-Rutledal-Krakhella - NB! In high season and at the weekend you should be aware that it can be more traffic than usual on the ferry. We recommend you have plenty of time to the ferry.





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