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The Solund archipelago is just two hours from Bergen and is linked to the classified road network by ferries between Rutledal in Gulen, Rysjedalsvika in Hyllestad to Krakhella in Solund.

In Solund, you can experience the westernmost islands in Norway and see the spectacular landscape of thousands of islands, islets and skerries. The local post boat in Solund links the island communities together, delivering post and transporting the islanders from one island to the next. In summer, you can take the local post boat to Solund, Bulandet and Værlandet. Island hopping and cycling make for a great combination, and you can cycle on quiet roads that offer lovely scenic views.

Westernmost point in Norway

Utvær is as far west as you can get in Norway. You get a real sense of the history of the place and can soak up its lovely scenery. A walk across the island takes you past the remains of a chapel that was moved in 1718, and you can see marks where swords have been sharpened. In summer, you can go on a lighthouse safari from Hardbakka to Utvær.

A paradise for kayaking

Solund is a paradise for kayaking. The thousands of islands, islets and skerries set in beautiful scenery make Solund the perfect place for some of the best kayaking in Norway. Experience charming fishing villages and the unique geology from your kayak. Did you know that you can find sandstone from the Devonian Period in Solund? Similar Devonian deposits can also be found in the Fensfjord, Kvamhesten, Håsteinen and Hornelen. These geological fields make up the Devonian field in Western Norway, which is an important part of Norway’s geology.

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