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Island Hopping to Solund, Bulandet, and Værlandet is a trip to the westernmost islands in Norway. Traveling by the local post boat you will get close to the unique scenery and the everyday life of the people living on the islands.

Where is Island Hopping with the postal boat?

The postal boat "Stjernesund" departs from Hardbakke in Solund, about three hours from Bergen. The tour will start in the calm waters, and pass by narrow creeks and the many beautiful small islands. The crew on the boat will also guide. The tour brings you close to the nature and animal life in the area, and you might even spot a porpoise, a bearded seal or sea eagle! Functioning as a local mailman and transportation, the postal boat determines it stops based on local passengers and mail.

Fishing village Gåsvær

The last stop on the traditional postal route is the idyllic fishing village Gåsvær. The postal boat will stop for about 30 minutes and travellers get a chance to explore the old trading post and interact with the local hosts. There is also a chance to purchase a cup of coffee and a small bite.

Bulandet og Værlandet

After Gåsvær, the postal boat heads north to Bulandet and Værlandet in Askvoll municipality. If you are not taking the boat from Bulandet in Hardbakke in return, you are free to explore the islands on your own. The islands Bulandet and Værlandet are connected by 6 bridges and 5km of roads. This makes for great surroundings for biking! We recommend grabbing lunch at one of the cafés by the harbour and explore the islands on a bike. You can rent one at the café/store by the harbour. Visit the viewing points, the art exhibition and store, the local village museum or just enjoy the beautiful nature!

The postal boat

The postal boat travels between Hardbakke and Bulandet, Mondays to Fridays 

11.00 Depart by postal boat from Hardbakke

12.30 Arrive at Gåsvær – historical trade post far out at sea

13.00 Depart from Gåsvær

13.45 Arrive at Nikøy quay in Bulandet

The post boat also returns to Hardbakke from Bulandet at 15.30. Island hopping or similar tours can be arranged upon request the rest of the year.

A day trip or over the course of multiple days

Choose between travelling over multiple days or travel on a day trip from Bergen, Florø or Kalvåg. We recommend exploring the area over several days in order to make time to enjoy the nature and explore the entire island paradise. There are multiple accommodation service in both Solund and on Bulandet and Værlandet. We recommend booking these in advance. A great option is start with a couple of days in Solund, before island hopping to Bulandet and Værlandet and spending a couple of days there.

Good to know

  • Remember to dress according to the weather. Parts of the trip takes place outside. Bring shoes for walking and a raincoat, as the weather may change during the trip.
  • It is possible to buy food and beverage at Gåsvær and Bulandet. Remember to bring cash. Gåsvær does not accept any credit or debit cards.
  • There is a bus connection between Krakhella and Hardbakke. The bus departs from Krakhella at 10.20 Mondays-Fridays and corresponds with the Norled express boat. There is also a corresponding bus from Bulandet to Værlandet. The bus departs from Bulandet quay at 15.50 Mondays to Fridays, and arrives at Værlandet 1615. Use to check timetables and search routes for busses and boats in the Sogn & Fjordane area.
  • The road from Bulandet to Værlandet makes for a great biking trip. The local store Joker Bulandet is situated right by the arrival place of the postal boat, and rents out bicycles. We recommend reserving bikes in advanced by calling +47 57732144. After you make the 11km trip from Bulandet to Værlandet, you can hand in your bike at the local store Værlandet Handel. The bike ride from Bulandet to Værlandet takes about 2 hours. The bus from Krakhella to Hardbakke has very limited capacity, so this is important to remember if you bring your own bike. Contact the tourist office at +47 57743000 for more information.
Read more about bicycling and island hopping here

Day trip from Bergen

It is also possible to go island hopping as a daytrip from Bergen. You'll have a guide for the journey by postal boat, but the rest of the round trip is without a guide. Book your round trip ticket at or the Tourist Information in Bergen.


08.00 - Express boat from Bergen to Krakhella

10.15 - Arrive at Krakhella

10.20 - Bus from Krakhella to Hardbakke

11.00 - Depart by postal boat from Hardbakke

12.30 - Arrive in Gåsvær

13.00 - Depart from Gåsvær

13.45 - Arrive at Nikøy quay in Bulandet

Alternative 1:

Rent a bike at the grocery store and bike the 10,8 km to Værlandet

Alternative 2:

15.50 Depart by bus to Værlandet

16.30 - Depart by ferry from Værlandet to Askvoll

17.40 - Depart by express boat to Bergen

20.45 - Arrive in Bergen

Day trip from Selje

If you travel from Selje, Måløy (Kinn), Bremanger (Smørhamn), Florø or Aksvoll you purchase the various tickets during the trip or in advanced.


06.50 - express boat from Selje

07.20 - express boat from Måløy

08.05 - express boat from Smørhamn (Bremanger)

08.35 - express boat from Florø

09.15 - express boat from Askvoll

09.50 – arrive at Krakhella

10.20 – bus from Krakhella to Hardbakke

11.00 – depart with "Stjernsund" from Hardbakke

12.30 - arrive at Gåsvær

13.00 - depart from Gåsvær

13.45 - arrive at Bulandet

15.50 - bus departs from Bulandet

16.30 - departure with the ferry from Værlandet to Askvoll

19.05 - express boat from Askvoll

19.55 - arrive in Florø

20.20 - arrive in Smørhamn

21.10 - arrive in Måløy

21.40 - arrive in Selje

Day trip from Sogn

Purchase tickets during the trip and in advance


07.05 – depart from Sogndal

07.30 - depart from Leikanger

07.50 - depart from Balestrand

08.05 - depart from Vik

08.50 - depart from Nordeide

09.20 - depart from Lavik

09.40 – arrive at Rysjedalsvika – switch to northbound express boat

09.50 – depart from Rysjedalsvika with express boat

10.15 – arrive at Krakhella in Solund

10.20 – bus from Krakhella to Hardbakke

11.00 – depart with "Stjernsund" from Hardbakke

12.30 - arrive at Gåsvær

13.00 - depart from Gåsvær

13.45 - arrive at Bulandet

15.50 - bus departs from Bulandet

16.30 - departure with the ferry from Værlandet to Askvoll

17.40 – express boat from Askvoll

18.35 – arrive at Rysjedalsvika – switch boat to the one heading to Sogn

19.00 – arrive in Lavik

19.30 - arrive in Nordeide

20.10 - arrive in Vik

20.30 - arrive in Balestrand

20.50 - arrive in Leikanger

21.20 - arrive in Sogndal

Sulejet AS

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Season from June 24. - August 16



Adult Hardbakke - Bulandet:
NOK 500
Children 4-16 Hardbakke - Bulandet:
NOK 250
Infant 0-3 Hardbakke - Bulandet :
Adult Bulandet - Hardbakke:
NOK 300
Children 4-16 Bulandet - Hardbakke:
NOK 150
Infant 0-3 Bulandet - Hardbakke:
Adult roundtrip :
NOK 800
Children 4-16 roundtrip:
NOK 400
Infant 0-3 roundtrip:


  • 6924 Hardbakke
57 74 30 00


With a guide:
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Where is Island Hopping by the postal boat: Solund - Bulandet, Værlandet?