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The central area of the Sunnfjord region offers a beautiful valley landscape.Here, you can clearly see where the glacier has been and what it has done to the landscape. The valley opens out between the mountains to reveal Jølstravatnet lake,an idyllic lake in which the valley is reflected. Jølster is ideal if you like trout fishing, cycling, kayaking or mountain walks, all of which can be combined with cultural and culinary experiences.

Jølstravatnet lake is known for its exceptionally good fishing, and especially for the high quality of its fish. Around 15 tonnes of Jølster trout are caught every year. The fishing competition Jølster Aurefest (trout festival)takes place on the lake at the beginning of June every year.

Food and culture

Jølster has a strong culinary culture. Jølstra Museum offers a perfect combination of art, rural museum, a great atmosphere and local cuisine.The barn has a wide-ranging exhibition of art for sale.Restaurant Låven – the barn restaurant – serves an à la carte menu based on seasonal produce from the local area. Its signature dish, Jølstraaure, uses trout they have caught themselves and it is served boned.

Be sure not to miss Astruptunet, which was the home of the artist Nicolai Astrup, one of Norway's most famous painters. He created many iconic images of the local community and landscape. If you visit Astruptunet, you will be able to see where he stood with his easel and get a sense of the stunning landscape. The artist’s beautiful home is in an idyllic location just above Jølstravatnet lake. The winery at Jølst is located between the villages of Vassenden and Skei. Visitors can join a tasting of the winery’s fruit wines.

Mountain and glacier walks

Jølstravatnet lake is surrounded by beautiful mountain summits and is therefore a good starting point for mountain walks. The glacier has carved out valleys and ground down the summits. There are several mountain walks to choose from, so you are sure to find one that suits you. If you think glaciers sound exciting, there is a lovely walk up to Haugabreen glacier, on which you have excellent views of the glacier. If you want to walk on the glacier itself, you can take a guided tour. And if you are looking for a fairly easy walk after a long day, you can walk up to the day-trip cabin. This walk suits everyone, and you get excellent views of Jølstravatnet lake. If it’s an Instagram-friendly image you are looking for, then Grovanipa is the right mountain for you. From the summit, you look out over the Kjøsnesfjord and Jølstravatnet lake.

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