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With a population of around 10,000, Førde is the largest town in the Sunnfjord area and the main commercial centre in the region. The river Jølstra runs through Førde town centre on its way to the Førdefjord. Along the banks of the river, there are several nice seating areas where people can sit and listen to the sound of the water flowing past. Sunnfjordparken activity park is also located in the town centre – 5,000 square metres packed with fun activities. Førde also has many restaurants and cafés to suit all tastes.

Art and culture

Førde has a strong art and culture scene. Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum is located right in the town centre, and the town hosts Førde Traditional and World Music Festival in July every year.Sunnfjord Museum, located in an idyllic settingin Movika, beside Movatnet lake, will take you on an evocative journey into the past. Førde is also the home town of the artist Oddvar Torsheim, and many of his pictures are on show at Sunnfjord Hotel, where they are an important part of the interior.

Norwegian Scenic Route Gaularfjellet

The incredibly beautiful road over Gaularfjellet mountain is a 114-km-long Scenic Route that has many places worth stopping at. The road takes you near to Likholefossen waterfall, where a bridge has been built from which you can admire the falls and the fast-flowing river at close hand.You can walk the Waterfall Path (Fossestien) from Gaularfjellet to Viksdalen. The path is easy to follow and takes in 14 large waterfalls and seven small lakes. The ‘Utsikten’ viewing point offers panoramic views of the road and the Vetlefjord. Here, you can enjoy untouched nature with views of majestic mountains.

Huldefossen waterfall

If you would like to experience a unique natural phenomenon, you should visit Huldefossen waterfall near Movika, which has a drop of around 90 metres. This magnificent waterfall is complemented by the surrounding landscape. You can get almost right up to the waterfall and feel the forces of nature at close hand. This waterfall used to be associated with natural mysticism, unsurprisingly given the huge natural forces in play.

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