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1. Jølstramuseet

At Jølstramuseet, hosts Heidi and Frode offer the perfect blend of art, local history, a cozy atmosphere, and locally sourced food. The gallery in the barn features a diverse sales exhibition, with seasonal art exhibitions by various artists, both local and national. Restaurant Låven serves an à la carte menu based on seasonal ingredients, creating a delightful local culinary experience. The food is sourced from the nearby region.

2. Astruptunet

Astruptunet is idyllically situated on the south side of Jølstravatnet and is the home of the painter, draftsman, and graphic artist Nikolai Astrup. Visit Astruptunet to stand where he stood at the easel and feel the influence of the surroundings. The beautiful artist's home, Engel (1892 - 1928), is located by Jølstravatnet. Nikolai Astrup is one of Norway's most famous artists. Walk among artistic treasures and be inspired by the lush nature that once inspired one of Norway's most renowned artists.

3. Eikaasgalleriet

At Eikaasgalleriet, you can view a large part of the art created by Ludvig Eikaas (1920-2010), which is also found in Copenhagen, New York, Paris, Florence, and art museums in Norway. Jølstringen Eikaas is considered one of the most significant post-war visual artists. He was a pioneer in Norwegian modernism from the late 1940s. Be fascinated by the innovative works and explore the boundaries of the art world.

4. Hiking

Jølstravatnet is surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks, making it an excellent starting point for mountain hikes. The glacier has shaped valleys and smoothed the mountains. There are several hikes to choose from, meaning you'll find a trail suitable for your level. Lundeskaret is much more than a mountain hike, likely the closest you'll get to a true mountain classic in Jølster. The trail winds up the narrow and wild Lundeskaret inside Kjøsnesfjorden. Lundeskaret is Norway's steepest DNT-marked trail, so being in good physical shape is advisable. Another classic is Bolsetnipa, offering a magnificent view of Jølstravatnet, narrow valleys, and Jostedalsbreen. If you're interested in shorter hikes, we recommend Hamnanova, where you get a fantastic reward without having to hike for hours. At the top, benches, a fire pit, outdoor toilet, and a small cabin are provided. Jølster is a paradise for mountain enthusiasts, offering a hike that suits you.

5. Bike Ride

Surrounded by majestic mountains and an idyllic lake, Jølster is the perfect cycling destination. Cycle along the south side of Jølstravatnet. This route offers picturesque landscapes on a lightly trafficked, flat road. Combine your bike ride with a stop at Astruptunet. Enjoy the beautiful village from your bike seat and be inspired by the stunning nature around you. Bikes can be rented at Jølstraholmen camping, and they also have electric bikes available for loan.

© Lillian Herland

6. Wine Tasting at Vingarden på Jølst

Let your taste buds dance with a guided tour and wine tasting of local wine at Vingarden på Jølst. Inspired by West Norwegian fruit wine and cider traditions, Vestavin creates modern fruit wines that showcase the unique qualities and flavors found here in new ways. In the farm shop, you can purchase both their own drinks with and without alcohol and other local products.

7. Kayaking

Experience the wild nature and glaciers of Jølster from a kayak. Kvåleskajakk will take you on an adventurous paddle on the beautiful Kjøsnesfjorden. Here, you can paddle between steep mountains and a meltwater from Jostedalsbreen, creating green spectacular reflections in the water. Jølstravatnet also offers a good paddling experience, where all Jølster mountains reflect in the calm water. You can rent kayaks at Jølstraholmen camping, Jølvassbu camping, Lunde tourist station or Kvåleskajakk.

© Lillian Herland

8. Fishing in Jølstravatnet

The combination of inflow in cold water from Jostedalsbreen, a rich nutrient base, and a 30 km long lake with a maximum depth of 200 m provides conditions for Jølsterauren. Fishing in the lake is well regulated, and the quality of the fish is excellent. Annually, 15 tons of Jølsterauren are caught. In early June each year, the fishing competition and the celebration Jølsteraurefest are held, with the entire Jølstravatnet as the arena. At Jølvassbu camping, you can buy fishing permits, fishing equipment, and rent a boat. The camp owners are avid fishermen themselves and are happy to share their experiences.

9. Glacier walk on Haugabreen

Join an adventure in the blue ice of Haugabreen with an exciting glacier walk. Haugabreen is an easily accessible glacier in Jostedalsbreen National Park. To reach this glacier, drive through a fantastic fjord landscape to Stardalen in Jølster, which is worth a visit in itself. Discover the magical interplay between ice and nature with guided tours from Breogfjell. Let yourself be enchanted by the stories of the glacier and its role in shaping the landscape, gaining insight into local glacier history. Embark on this epic adventure and let Haugabreen take your breath away.

10. Sauna

Step into a world of total relaxation and well-being while exploring the revitalizing pleasures of a sauna experience. Saunas offer not only a chance to unwind and relieve tension but also an opportunity to enjoy the soothing warmth in a picturesque environment. And where better to enjoy this than in beautiful Jølster? By the riverbank at Jølstraholmen, you'll find a charming sauna strategically placed to provide a fantastic view of the Jølstra River. Nearby awaits a scenic pool, and you can combine the steam from the sauna with a refreshing dip. On the other side of Jølstravatnet, you can visit Fyrig Sauna. This sauna not only provides the warmth you seek but also offers a panoramic view of Astrup's majestic realm. Release the stress and embrace the harmony of nature in an atmosphere of total relaxation.

Sauna experiences in Jølster

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