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Cycle through built-up urban areas before taking a quiet road that winds its way through open and flat agricultural landscape.

In Førde, you quickly switch from the contrasts of town life to charming farms, and there’s a vibrant art and cultural scene. Experience the Førde Traditional And World Music Festival, Scandinavia's largest international festival for acoustic folk and world music, or visit the idyllic Sunnfjord Museum, which is right next to Movatnet lake. The museum takes you on an atmospheric journey back in time. Close to the museum is Huldefossen waterfall, where you can feel the force of the waterfall, which is about 90-metres high.


In the village of Viksdalen you cycle over flat terrain on quiet roads close to Viksdalsvatnet lake. Cycle through Råheimsdalen valley, past the Vallestadfossen waterfall and Haukedalsvatnet lake, before reaching the Rørvikfjellet mountains, where you can enjoy fantastic views over the Haukedalsvatnet lake, surrounded by steep mountains and hillsides.

From Rørvikfjellet, continue cycling towards Holsen, where you cycle along the idyllic Holsavatnet lake before coming out on the E39 road at Mo. Why not visit Huldefossen waterfall and Sunnfjord Museum on the way?


Turn right at the junction from Holsen to get to Jølster. Jølster is the perfect cycling destination and is surrounded by majestic mountains and an idyllic lake. Cycle along the south side of Jølstravatnet lake on a quiet, flat road with beautiful landscapes. Combine your bike ride with a visit to Astruptunet, the home of the painter, drawer, and graphic artist Nikolai Astrup, who is one of Norway’s most famous artists.

Jølstravatnet lake is surrounded by beautiful mountain summits, making it an excellent starting point for mountain hikes. Combine your bike ride with a hike to Kleivafjellet mountain, a trip that promises a memorable experience. If you prefer low-altitude adventures, why not paddle the waves instead? A guided tour with Kvåleskajakk kayakking offers a chance to experience the Kjøsnesfjord with its wild scenery and glaciers.


Cycle along the Førdefjord to Helle. Most of the cycle route is on a quiet road that steadily ascends towards Helle. There are views of the majestic mountains Storehesten, Heilefjellet, and Blegja along the way. On the return journey, you can lean back and enjoy the gentle descent back down again. Combine your bike ride with a visit to Håjen cafe, which serves homemade food based on local produce and traditional baked goods from the bakery.

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