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There are several good fishing spots in Naustdal and many well-marked mountain walks. Sanden is a popular beach on the shore of the Førdefjord. The village of Vevring in Naustdal hosts an annual art exhibition featuring work by artists from different countries. At Russeneset by Ålesundet sound, there is an outdoor recreation area with nature trails.The biggest aerial battle in Norway took place over Slettehaug by the Førdefjord three months before Norway was liberated in 1945. The air battle museum, Luftkampmuseet, is co-located with Håjen Kafé, which serves good local fare and has a farm shop.

Styggelifossen waterfall

Styggelifossen waterfall, which has a fall of 115 metres, is located in Naustdal. The waterfall has eroded parts of the landscape and created a path up the mountainside. If you would like to, you can take a guided tour to this waterfall. The walk takes 2 hours. It passes through boggy terrain and involves climbing down into the gorge where the waterfall meets the river.

Salmon fishing

Naustdal is also home to the Nausta river system, which runs into the Førdefjord. The Nausta is a 12-kilometre-long salmon river that is regarded as one of Norway’s finest.There are good fishing spots along the whole length of the river.

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