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1. Salmon Fishing in Nausta

Test your fishing luck in Norway's finest watercourse, Nausta! With numerous varied fishing spots and opportunities for one-handed fly fishing, Nausta, flowing through an agricultural area, is surrounded by diverse and beautiful nature. The river, a typical flood river, can experience significant changes in water levels in a short period. Nausta is renowned for exciting one-handed fly fishing, featuring many varied and excellent fishing spots across the river. The area below Naustdalsfossen is known as one of Norway's best salmon fishing spots.

2. Biking Tour

Cycle along the Førdefjord to Helle. Riding mostly on low-traffic roads with a steady incline toward Helle, you'll have views of majestic mountains like Storehesten, Heilefjellet, and Blegja. On the way back, enjoy the gentle downhill slopes. Combine the trip with a stop at Håjen cafe. Another beautiful bike route is through the scenic Naustedalen, a treasure trove of mountain hikes, majestic peaks, and idyllic river valleys.

3. Sanden in Naustdal

In the heart of Naustdal lies the beautiful Sanden beach. Here, you can enjoy lazy days of sunbathing and swimming. For the more active, rent a SUP board or play beach volleyball. Take a stroll to Banana Island and admire the sculptures Kyra and Budeia by renowned artists Oddvar Torsheim and Kjartan Slettemark.

4. Chasing waterfalls

Embark on a waterfall hunt in Naustdal and witness nature's masterpieces. Visit the majestic Styggelifossen, where an impressive 115-meter fall has carved its path through the mountain. For an extraordinary experience, join a guided two-hour tour to explore wet paths and climb down into the gorge where the waterfall meets the watercourse. Don't miss a visit to Hovefossen, where you can be enchanted by the beauty of nature.

Waterfalls in Naustdal

5. Air Battle Museum

Step into history at the Air Battle Museum, where you'll experience the story of a dramatic day towards the end of World War II. Be part of the moment when a powerful allied air force attacked a German fleet in Førdefjorden, only to become the target of German fighter planes. The intense air battle resulted in the loss of ten allied planes and five German planes, with a total of 24 lives lost.

6. Håjen Cafe

Take a trip to Håjen Cafe in Naustdal, where you'll be served delicious homemade food based on local ingredients and traditional baked goods from their own bakery. The belief in quality ingredients and skilled craftsmanship forms the foundation for enchanting flavors and memorable moments around the dining table. At Håjen, the culinary experience is not just a guarantee of satisfaction but also a storytelling journey. They are happy to share the story behind each meal because they believe that knowledge of the food's origin enhances the flavor experience. Join a taste journey through local delicacies and traditions at Håjen, welcome to a place where taste and history meet with great hospitality!

7. Vindkjegla

Vindkjegla, majestically located in Naustdal, rises proudly at 688 meters above sea level. Visible from large parts of Naustdal center, Vindkjegla offers a fantastic view of the village, Hellefjellet, Storehesten, up Naustedalen, and in and out of Førdefjorden. The trail is well-marked, and despite being steep, it is easily navigable terrain all the way. Explore Vindkjegla for a fantastic hike with beautiful natural experiences.

8. Dagsturhytta in Naustdal: Steinkorshytta

Take a trip to the day cabin in Naustdal, located on the mountain Steinkorsen. After a beautiful hike up the mountain, settle down by the idyllic lake and enjoy a packed lunch. Afterwards, you can enter the cabin, pick a book from the cabin library, and simply enjoy the peace and quiet. If you have more energy, you can continue to Blåfjellet, the highest peak in Naustdal.

© Edith Holme Smådal

9. Smådalsnipa

Smådalsnipa is a beautiful mountain hike in Åsedalen in Naustdal. The trail starts on a comfortable gravel road leading to the charming Stehoggestølen. The path then takes you upwards, clearly marked all the way with cairns guiding from the cabin to the top. The experience is characterized by a steady and pleasant ascent, allowing you to enjoy the hike at your own pace.

10. Kletten

Kletten is frequented by locals in Naustdal, a modest yet fantastic viewpoint. Ascend to the top, 269 meters above sea level, and be captivated by the expansive view to the west. The mountain rises directly from sea level, making it a fairly steep hike, but the effort is rewarded with a fantastic view of Naustdal at the top. If you desire a longer hike, follow the trail further towards Svistølen for a varied trek and great views into Førdefjorden.

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