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Fishing for salmon and trout has long traditions in Fjordkysten and Sunnfjord, both as a recreational activity and as an industry. Here, both experienced sport fishermen can fish for salmon, and first-time fishermen can try their luck in one of the many trout lakes in the area.


Jølstravatnet, known as the home of the famous Jølster trout, is one of the best places for trout fishing in Europe. The lake receives an influx of cold water from the Jostedalsbreen glacier, which provides ideal conditions for large trout. With a depth of up to 200 meters and nutrient-rich water, Jølstravatnet is a favorite among fishermen who want to catch quality trout. The annual event Jølster Trout Festival attracts both local and visiting fishermen, and is a celebration of the fishing culture in the area.

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In Fjaler lies Guddal, a river known for its fly fishing. The area has hosted several national competitions, including the Norwegian Cup in fly fishing, underscoring the quality of the fishing experience. Guddal River offers a varied landscape with both calm streams and rapid sections, providing ideal conditions for challenging fly fishing for trout and other freshwater fish.

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The Nausta river, which flows through Naustdal, is especially known for its populations of salmon and sea trout. With a fishing stretch over 12 kilometers, including the challenging waterfalls Naustdalsfossen and Hovefossen, the river offers a dynamic environment for sport fishing. Nausta is recognized as an exciting river for single-handed fly fishing, with many varied and excellent fishing spots throughout the river. The area below Naustdalsfossen is known as one of Norway’s best fishing spots for salmon fishing.

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The Gaular watercourse is famed for its scenic beauty and peaceful fishing spots, extending from the mountains down to the fjord. With over 25 kilometers of salmon-bearing waters, Gaular provides a habitat for both salmon and sea trout, as well as excellent conditions for trout in the upper parts. The watercourse includes Norway's oldest salmon ladder at Osfossen and is a popular place for both fishing and nature experiences.

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This region is a true treasure trove for anyone who loves freshwater fishing. With its accessibility and rich fishing opportunities, Fjordkysten and Sunnfjord are perfect places for both experienced anglers and those wanting to try fishing for the first time.

For the best local fishing tips, talk to the locals or your hosts. Remember to buy a fishing license, which you can purchase for the different areas on Some places have local arrangements.

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