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You can enjoy the good life on in peace and quiet in spring. Relax surrounded by magnificent scenery, beautiful fjord landscapes, the mighty waterfalls and majestic mountains.

Forget about your hectic everyday life and lose yourself in the beautiful surroundings north of Bergen. The conditions are great for cycling along the entire Fjord Coast and Sunnfjord in spring. Listen to the birds chirping, see flowers in bloom and enjoy the happy noises of animals that have finally been taken out to pasture.

In a beautiful coastal landscape surrounded by the open sea, majestic mountains and deep fjords, the best cycling trips await in magnificent scenery. A unique opportunity to experience nature first hand.

Cycle between 1,700 islands, islets and skerries out at the ocean´s edge

Cycle between small hamlets in varied scenery in Norway’s westernmost municipality – Solund. Experience the spectacular landscape of thousands of islands, islets and skerries at close range. The local post boat links the island communities together, delivering post and transporting the islanders from one island to the next. This makes it easy to combine island hopping with cycling experiences.

Discover small, idyllic places in Hyllestad

Beautiful fjord views and majestic mountains make the idyllic village of Hyllestad the perfect place for cycling experiences. Explore the fantastic stone bridges that are a feature of the old Trondheim Post Road and stop at the Millstone Park Open Air Museum, which runs guided tours and activities from June to August. Experience how varied the fjord landscape and rural surroundings can be in the space of just a few metres. Hyllestad offers the best experiences.

From the beautiful fjord landscape to the idyllic charming islands out at the ocean´s edge

Askvoll has it all when it comes to experiences in nature. Cycle to Follevåg and enjoy spectacular sunsets, or bring your bike and go island hopping between the island communities of Atløy, Værlandet and Bulandet out at the ocean’s edge. These islands are popular with people who enjoy cycling, kayaking, fishing and walking. Climb Alden – the Norwegian horse. The mountain is 481 metres and can be seen from a distance of more than 100 km out to sea.

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Enjoy the idyllic small town, with exciting activities and scenic experiences in easy reach

Summer visitors have yet to arrive in Florø, which means plenty of room to experience what Florø has to offer. Enjoy great food and drink in the eateries along the street Strandgata, or explore the spectacular archipelago on its doorstep. Cycle on the emerald, grass-covered island Kinn and be enchanted by the island’s history, medieval church and its distinctive mountain Kinnaklova. On the fertile island of Svanøy, you can stay at the venerable Svanøy Hovedgård and see the deer at the Norwegian Deer Centre at close range. If you’re looking for spectacular views, we recommend combining cycling with walking on the islands Askrova, Reksta and Skorpa.

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Experience Fjord Norway’s beautiful and varied landscape at close hand

Cycling in Sunnfjord promises a range of amazing experiences. In just a few kilometres, you can cycle from fjords to mountains, from woods to open fields, past lakes and through valleys. There’s always something wonderful to see in this beautiful landscape. The routes are mostly on quiet roads with little traffic, allowing you to cycle in peace and tranquillity.

An urban encounter at the ocean´s edge

Its proximity to the sea has made its mark on the business community, landscape and people of Måløy. You can experience everything from idyllic spots to spectacular scenic experiences. Cycle to the 1.5-km long beach Refviksanden, and enjoy the year’s first dip in the sea. Its white shell beach makes it one of the loveliest in all of Norway. See the fascinating Kannesteinen – a very special rock shaped like the stem of a glass on the foreshore. It has been formed by the sea and waves over thousands of years. Have you dreamt of spending a night in a lighthouse? There are several lighthouses in Måløy, and a night at Skongenes or Kråkenes lighthouse makes for an unforgettable experience. You can fall asleep to the murmur of the sea, seagulls squawking and the explosion of colour from the setting sun.

Combine powerful natural and cultural experiences.

There is a huge selection of marked trails and fjord and coastal experiences within easy reach of Fjaler. Cycle from Askvoll, over the Dalsfjord Bridge, to the charming fjord village of Dale, where you’ll find a range of shops and cafes. Visit the birthplace of the poet Jakob Sande and walk in his footsteps along the cultural walking trail. Continue cycling to Hellevik and visit Leonards Forlaavelse, which offers delicious local cuisine and wonderful experiences.

Be inspired to your travel in Fjord Coast and Sunnfjord

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