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A roadtrip to Naustedalen is never a bad idea. You can visit the beautiful Hovefossen of course and dream your life away. On the road you will see some great hikes and experience some rural culture. Further in you will find a joker shop and cafe.

Great fishing spot

Hovefossen is a great fishing spot. The dam is divided into two zones. Zone one is on the upper side of the waterfall, and the second one is on the down side. There is a salmon ladder in the waterfall itself, which was built in 1975. In this way the anadromous could pass by Hovefossen with eight kilometers up to Kallandsfossen. On this track there nice spawn- and growing conditions, and smolt-producing area. The dam is located in a naturally sheltered area in exciting, intense and challenging nature with waterfalls, hills, rapids and still areas. Fishing spots and choice of equipment vary a lot depending on the flow of water. A small island in the river is included in the embankment.

Contact the landowner for interest of fishing in the waterfall.

Safety at the waterfall

Please respect the natural forces. There are slippery rocks and strong forces beneath the waterfall. Stick to the main path. In the winter there is ice around the waterfall, and at spring the water level is high.


Hovefossen i located i Nuastedalen. At first you arrive Naustdal which is 13 kilometer west of Førde. Then you follow highway 5 and turn to right on Naustedalen 6817 road and off from highway 5 Naustdalstunnel which goes to Florø. Follow Naustedalen 6817 road for about 2 kilometers and suddenly you arrive Hovefossen - Waterfall!


  • Naustedalen
  • 6817 Sunnfjord
90 52 19 97



Where is Hovefossen - Waterfall?