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Let yourself be captivated by Utvær´s history and the beautiful scenery far out at sea

Utvær is Norway´s westernmost island group with the country´s westernmost lighthouse. The light from the monumental lighthouse dating from 1900 can be seen 35 km out in the North Sea! Every Saturday in the period from late June to mid-August, you can join a lighthouse safari

Lighthouse safari

There are no stops on the trip to Utvær. On Utvær, you'll follow the North Sea Trail around the island with a guide. Along the way, you'll see remains of the chapel that was moved in 1718 and marks where stones were used to sharpen swords. The North Sea Trail is about 1,5 km in rugged terrain.There will be chance to go up the lighthouse for those who wish to do so. The view from the lighthouse is magnificent!

Wear good shoes and a wind and waterproof jacket. Feel free to bring food and drink. The weather can change abruptly out in the ocean gap so it is recommended to have warm cloth in the backpack.

Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in the period from late June to mid-August, you can join a lighthouse safari to Utvær

Every Saturday from 24. June - 5. August from Hardbakke in Solund

11.00 - Departure from Hardbakke, Solund
11.50 - Arrival Utvær
14.30 - Departure from Utvær
15.30 - Arrival Hardbakke

Travel from Ytre Sula

The boat can pick you up at Nåra, or Kolgrov, depending on the weather. Call Vidar Hop Skyssbåtar at +47 970 18 145 in order to plan the alternative starting point. After you have agreed upon a time and place you can purchase your tickets here. The price for the lighthouse safari is the same regardless of whether you travel from Hardbakke or from Ytre Sula.

Please note that this trip is subject to favourable weather conditions.


Adults: NOK 950,-

Children 4-16 years: NOK 300,-

Children under 4: free of charge

Vener av Utvær

A percentage of the income from ticket sales goes to Vener av Utvær, a group set up to protect the unique Island of Utvær.

Food and drink

You can buy Norwegian waffles, coffee and lemonade at the lighthouse.


Private tours and events can be arranged year-round on request. Please send an email to or call +47 474 09 482 for more information


Utvær, located 8 km west of Ytre Sula, is the name of the group of islands furthest west in Norway, with the westernmost lighthouse in the country. It boasts both historical significance and captivating natural surroundings. Utvær is an old fishing community. No one lives there on a permanent basis anymore, but a lot of tourists come to visit during the summer. Join us for a walk on the island where you can stroll in Paradise - a beautiful garden. Visit the ruins of a chapel that was moved in 1718 and see the marks in the mountainside by Vikings sharpening their swords.

The most fascinating aspect of the trip, however, is the nature and the ocean – furthest west in Norway. Utvær is famous in history right back to the Viking Age. In 1066 Harald Hardråde sailed out from Solund when he left to conquer England. 200 vessels plus supply boats and other small craft were gathered together, and the saga says that some of the vessels departed from Utvær. The battle ended with defeat at Stamford Bridge. On the east side of the bay near the Likberget Mountain, you can see some marks in the mountainside.

The story is that these are marks made by Vikings sharpening their swords before leaving on a raid.Fishing has always been the main source of income on Utvær. Proximity to the fishing fields made it a centre for seasonal fishing.The imposing lighthouse was built in 1900, its cast-iron structure towering 31 metres above the top of the mountain. The beam of light is projected 45 metres above sea level across the surface of the ocean, blinking every 30 seconds and visible up to 35 km out in the North Sea.

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Lighthouse Safari to Utvær 24. June - 5. August



NOK 950
Children 4-16 years:
NOK 300
Infant 0-3 years:


  • 6924 Hardbakke


Guide available:
  • Summer

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