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The island Kinn is the home of the beautiful stone church from the Middle Ages. The mythical church is built in a roman building style, and has been used since the 12th century. This is the oldest church in Sunnfjord Region, and was traditionally linked to the legend of St. Sunniva and the Selju Menn.

The church sits at the base of the steep mountain of Kinn, and the massive Kinnaklova is its nearest neighbour. The famous cleft cliff of Kinn is famous along the coast, as its charecteristic shape has always been a guide for sailors along our coast.

Where is Kinn church?

The Kinn church is located on the Island Kinn outside of the coastal city of Florø in Kinn municipality. Take the local boat route from Florø to Kinn. When arriving at Kinn you can follow the road to your right towards Kinn church. The walk along the 1 km long gravel road takes about 20 minutes.

When is the church open?

Every summer from mid-June to August the church is open so that you can enjoy the atmosphere in the church. A volunteer host welcomes you and is with you in the church during opening hours. There will be simple prayers twice a day.

Sleep at Kinn Island

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  • St. Sunniva vegen
  • Kinn
+47 57 75 25 30


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Where is Kinn Church?