Minigolfen Familypark have 3 courses, each one with a seperat theme. Nine of the holes at «Gården» is indoor and you play among cows, sheeps, hens and geese. The course «Gruven» have the theme of an closed down mine. Here you will play among windmills over streams and through boxes of dynamite. «Parken» have 12 holes, and is surronded by flowers, our 3 barbecue huts and a playground for the kids. You can rent a bearbecue hut and make a day out of it.

Minigolfen Familypark also have a small coffee shop where you can buy drinks and icecream.


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  • Hauskevågvegen 1
  • 4260 TORVASTAD
+47 942 22 900

Where is Minigolfen Familiepark?