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The Kvinen family name comes from a disused and roadless mountain farm where founder Odd Kvinen has his roots. "Grandma" Gunhild Kvinen lived here for more than 50 years and wrote a popular book about her life called "A Life in the Mountains". This cultural heritage has been passed on through Sirdal Huskyfarm.

Unique experiences in the family business Sirdal Huskyfarm

For more than 30 years, Sirdal Huskyfarm has communicated natural and cultural values and provided unique experiences for guests from home and abroad. Sirdal Huskyfarm is a family business where the hosts are a mix of family and employees from all over the world who return over the years to experience the unique atmosphere at Sirdal Huskyfarm.

Social, safe polar dogs as a trademark

The dogs are their most important brand and they have more than 30 years of experience with polar dogs. All are confident, social and enjoy socialising with people. A large fenced-in dog yard encourages play and challenges for both the four-legged friends and visitors.

Outdoor stage, barn and accommodation

In recent years, the farm has upgraded its facilities by renovating the barn and building an outdoor stage. They also offer several unique accommodation experiences at the facility. Sirdal Huskyfarm aims to be a good place for people to meet for a genuine experience through culture, nature and history. They are happy to share this with you!


  • Runtleneset 22
  • 4440 Tonstad
+47 486 32 680


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