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Sirdal Huskyfarm creates adventures through history, people and nature. For them, it is important to show guests the value of unspoiled nature and convey the local history and facilitate meaningful play and fun between people and animals. Sirdal Huskyfarm offers dog sledging for families, groups, schools and businesses.

Activities and nature adventures, storytelling and culture

This goes hand in hand. The people behind Sirdal Huskyfarm invite you to take part in the good experiences, summer and winter. Dog sledging is possible all year. And in summer, you can go paddling on tranquil mountain waters, try archery, clay pigeon shooting, riding and a wide range of different activities.

Sirdal Huskyfarm is proud of its roots and the little anecdotes that are weaved into a larger connection. Cultural dissemination is close to their heart and if you will listen, they are happy to share the stories with you. Welcome to an active and adventurous time in Sirdal!

"Life is not a game - but it is important to play in life" – Arne Næss
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  • Runtleneset 22
  • 4440 Tonstad


Guide available:
  • Spring
  • Autumn
  • Summer
  • Winter

Where is Sirdal Huskyfarm?