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Who is Pøbel?

Pøbel comes from Jæren. Pøbel became known when he and his artist friend Dolk decorated abandoned buildings in Lofoten in the 2000s. In this way, they took street art out into the countryside and helped to spark debate and highlight the migration from rural areas. At this time, street art was also a metropolitan phenomenon. As an art genre, it was challenged by Pøbel, who moved the metropolitan phenomenon out into nature and rural areas. Pøbel is a storyteller with a strong involvement in politics, especially in centralisation, privatisation of natural resources and relocation.

Although he has been profiled several times in national and international books and media (including the New York Times), he has always remained anonymous since the start of his artistic career in the early 2000s.

Buy Pøbel art?

One of Pøbel's concerns is that it should be possible to experience art without it costing money. However, the art that he has created for sale has always been made in a very limited edition and can therefore be difficult to acquire.

We will show you the free versions of his art. The ones you find in nature or in our cities! Join us on a Pøbel Safari - an enjoyable thing to do at Jæren.

Here are seventeen of Pøbel's street art masterpieces

Now you can join us on a safari in Pøbel's art at Jæren. You've probably heard of the corona art The Lovers in a Railway Underpass or the mural of Erling Braut Haaland, both in Bryne. His work includes paintings, photos, sculptures, site development and site-specific projects. Experience seventeen of Pøbel's treasures at Jæren with us!

1. Nuclear babies make funny faces. Location: Pedersgata 117, Stavanger

Nuclear babies make funny faces.|© Pøbel/Opplev Jæren

2. Ice Ice Baby. Location: Pedersgata 110, Stavanger.

Ice Ice Baby|© Pøbel/Opplev Jæren

3. Supermann. Location: Teaterveien 1, Stavanger.

Supermann|© Pøbel/Opplev Jæren

4. Will Work For Food. Location: Stavanger Havnesilo, Dokkgata 20, Stavanger

5. Dirty Dancing. Location: Ullandhaugveien 25, Stavanger

Dirty Dancing|© Pøbel/Opplev Jæren

6. Freya Terror. Location: Stavanger Havnesilo, Dokkgata 20, Stavanger

Freya Terror|© Pøbel/Opplev Jæren

7. Foss-Eikeland: Blink. Location: Eikelandsfossen, Orstadvegen, Kvernaland

Blink|© Pøbel/Opplev Jæren

8. Bogajenta. Location: Lyngholen 5, Sandnes

Bogajenta|© Pøbel/Opplev Jæren

9. The Stardom Glow (Rock farmer). Location: Reevegen 1, Bryne

The Stardom Glow (Rock farmer)|© Pøbel/Opplev Jæren

10. The Lovers. Location: Arne Garborgs veg 24, Bryne

The Lovers|© Pøbel/Opplev Jæren

11. Snakk med fødne så går helste alt aent godt. Location: Jernbanegata 13, Bryne

Erling Braut Haaland (Snakk med fødne så går helste alt aent godt)|© Pøbel/Opplev Jæren

12. Bryne. Location: Meierigata 2, Bryne

Bryne|© Pøbel/Opplev Jæren

13. Effektivisering. Location: Nordsjøvegen 2843, Varhaug

Effektivisering|© Pøbel/Opplev Jæren

14. Surfedama. Location: Håvegen 282, Nærbø

Surfedama|© Pøbel/Opplev Jæren

15. Friendships. Location: Hårrvegen 171, Vigrestad

Friendships|© Pøbel/Opplev Jæren

16. Troll. Location: Ørsdalen 1400, Vikeså

Troll|© Pøbel/Opplev Jæren

17. Elghjørning. Location: Austrumdalsvegen, Vikeså

Elghjørning|© Pøbel/Opplev Jæren
© Pøbel/Opplev Jæren

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