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Rennesøy is a former municipality, which consisted of eight inhabited islands, where Rennesøy itself was the largest. Today, Rennesøy, Mosterøy, Bru, Fjøløy, Klosterøy, Vestre Åmøy, Sokn and Brimse belong to Stavanger municipality.

The green islands

The islands in this area are green most of the year, due to the maritime, mild and humid climate. Numerous prehistoric signs tell the story of a long settlement history that have put a stam on the landscape.

In both the eastern and western part of the main island Rennesøy, there are mountain plateaus at an altitude of over 200 meters. The outer edge of the island has a wide edge of loose material where there are good agricultural conditions. There is some natural deciduous forest on the southwestern slopes. The ridges are covered with heather as a result of deforestation.

There are two nature reserves, Bjergavatn and Førsvollvatn, which have rich and varied bird life. Also in general the wildlife is rich, with both marine bird species and fish registered here.

Outdoor life

The eight islands offer great opportunities for boaters, nature lovers, culture and history enthusiasts. The long coastline can provide good fishing experiences from both boat and land and you will find guest harbors, bathing spots and recreation areas. If you want a good view and beautiful landscape, there are several beautiful hiking trails to recommend.

Historic Utstein

On the island of Klosterøy, the western part of Mosterøy, is Norway's only preserved monastery complex from the Middle Ages, with both the church and the basement of the east and south wings in use. Utstein Monastery lies as a closed complex around a square monastery courtyard in open countryside, which is managed by Klostergarden farm.

The entire area surrounding Utstein is considered a protected cultural area, and the monastery is a summer open museum. Klostergarden also runs a farm sale and offers accommodation, guided tours, kayaking and team building.

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