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From the 234 metre-high top you will gaze over well-kept farms, and to the north, the swaying heathlands. There is a marked web of hiking tracks in this area, giving opportunities for both round tours and hikes across the island. The starting points for the hikes are either Vikevåg, Sel or Hegglandslia in Østhusvik. 

About the hike

The hike from Vikevåg starts off with some 100 metres of public road through the residential area of Paradis. From there, the hike continues to Vikestemmen where there is a picnic area. A facilitated hike with gates over the mountain of Vikafjellet to Sel. From there, you can go to Dale and follow a country road for three km in a botanical interesting terrain back to Vikevåg.

Most parts of the hike goes along the mountain ridge, and the views of this hike are its greatest advantages. The hike is in relatively kid-friendly terrain. The track can be cut short with rather steep descend to Moskar. From Sel, there is a newly marked track to Rennesøyhodnet and further to Hegglandslia in Østhusvik. The track goes through some of the last bit of moorland that we have. They have been created from burning, animal grazing and turning of heather through generations. 

Rennesøy was most likely deforested and covered with heather more than 4,000 years ago, however, large parts of the moors have for the last 20 years been made into grazing fields. Several areas the track crosses some of the characteristic fences of stone piles as fence piles. These were mostly used from 1920 to 1940. From Vindem, the track continues along the mountain ridge and up to the top. Several people choose to start the hike from Hegglandslia. The track starts by the entrance to the residential area and continues to the old peatlands Mikalsgrovene. From there, it turns in a bow through heathlands and swamp up to the top. 

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  • 4150 Rennesøy
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  • Autumn
  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Spring
Total ascent:
  • 217m
Level of difficulty:
  • Easy (green)
  • 5.7km
  • Short (0.5-3h)
  • Path
  • Mountain area
  • Forest area

Where is Rennesøyhodnet?