Explore Stavanger on a weekend break

The Norwegian TV personality Arne Hjeltnes shares with you his favourite Stavanger spots. Welcome to Stavanger!

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Arne Hjeltnes shares his favourites

"Every time I visit Stavanger I find myself thinking that even more people should visit this trendy and charming city. I recommend city life in Stavanger! Try Stavanger as the destination for your next weekend break why don’t you? Learn more about some of my absolute favourites!"

“Stavanger could be a satisfactory alternative to a weekend trip to Paris or Berlin - just a bit smaller in scale, but with just as much on offer.”

Arne Hjeltnes, Norwegian TV personality

The national foodie and TV star shares his top picks with you

Below are some of my preferred picks for where to sleep, eat, drink, shop and be entertained while on a weekend in Stavanger.

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