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The national TV personality Arne Hjeltnes shares with you his favourite Stavanger spots.

Top choice for lunch


At the Fishmarket’s own restaurant, Fisketorget, my good friend Karl Erik Pallesen and his team always offer a menu based on the catch of the day. Locally sourced produce is always preferred over long-travelled produce whether you’re eating lunch or an evening meal. The prawn sandwich, as well as the fish soup, have been on the menu since they opened, and are still two favourite meal choices to this day.

Dinner spots

Sabi Omakase

Omakase means “I trust the chef”, and I have no problem trusting my friend Roger Asakil Joya and his team. Sabi Omakase attained its first MICHELIN star in 2017, merely one and a half years after its opening. All you need to do as a guest is be open with mind, hands and heart to what is served if you’re lucky enough to be one of the ten guests at Joya’s table. This is sushi as you would find it at some of the best sushi chefs in Tokyo. A fantastic experience I wish for all lovers of seafood!


In the majestic Stavanger concert hall is Spiseriet, one of my favourite restaurants. It is a vibrant restaurant, where supreme culture and food meet. Not only can you enjoy a superb meal before or after a cultural experience at the concert hall, but the team sometimes invite you to enjoy concerts within the restaurant. Naturally, located on the edge of the fjord, the seafood is accessible and exquisite. Spiseriet is made up of young, skilled chefs, and they are a cultural experience in themselves.

Worth a visit

The Brothers Fevang Barbershop

If you have not set foot in a barbershop before, you should take advantage of this when you are in Stavanger. The Fevang Brothers have built up a 50s New York or Chicago-style barbershop, down to the smallest detail. Whether you need a haircut, shave, fixing of your beard or wax hair removal, you will get it done in style by professional, in-fashion, lively and service-minded barbers.

Fjord cruise with Rødne

The famous Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) is known to many, but are you aware that you can go on a fjord cruise departing from Stavanger and explore the Lysefjord - all year? Rødne Fjord Cruise has, in addition to several other boats, the world’s fastest electrical catamaran, MS Rygerelektra. Imagine exploring the magical fjord landscape once formed by the Ice Age. A perfect combination to appreciate nature and city life, directly from Stavanger.


In the middle of the famous street of colours, is Hanekam, a fashionable, informal place that feels like your friend straight away. I had the pleasure of getting to know Tom Ur Kjørsvik, one of the people running Hanekam, but he is also one of the initiators of the whole concept of the colourful street, Fargegaten - this micro Notting Hill in Stavanger. Beers and creative cocktails, DJs or live music as well as the best vibe. Fargegaten on a night out in Stavanger is a not-to-miss experience. There are all kinds of nice places to stop by. During wintertime, the street is decorated with sparkling colour winter lights. A true “city within the city” feeling.

Stavanger concert hall

Stavanger’s proud cultural arena is fantastically located at the waterfront in Stavanger. Their programme could potentially give you problems choosing just one event, as several favourites perform here. The venue Fartein Valen is optimised for acoustic music and especially for the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra’s repertoire. The venue called Zetlitz has a lot of flexibility and can be rigged for everything from rock concerts to exhibitions. Personally, I had an incredible experience here not so long ago with the national artist Janove Ottesen.

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The Norwegian TV personality Arne Hjeltnes shares with you his favourite Stavanger spots. Welcome to Stavanger!

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