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The national TV personality Arne Hjeltnes shares with you his favourite Stavanger spots.

Place to stay

Hotel Victoria

An old classic turned new after a complete revamp. Intriguingly, the hotel manager Monika Sandvold and her team have brought back so much of the original interior, ancient furniture and mirrors, as well as the historical colours. An atmosphere with an international flair has also found its way into the hotel; with the Parisien bar and sidewalk cafe “Salon du Nord”, as well as the typical British tradition of Afternoon Tea in the banquet hall on Saturdays. Brandsberg Dahl architects and interior designer Anemone Wille Våge have done an amazing job!


Salon du Nord

Hotel Victoria offers a tiny piece of Paris with 1900s decor in their Salon du Nord. This could easily be one of your favourites too. Grab lunch or a drink during the daytime, or enjoy a chic and artistic cocktail in the evening.

The ideal lunch spot

Sirkus Renaa Sølvberget

Renaa's informal restaurant, located in the Stavanger culture house, Sølvberget, also the home to the cinema and library, is an easy-going eatery with appetising small dishes and delicious pizza. Although it works as an excellent coffee and ice cream bar, they do not take the pizza lightly. Real Italian pizza with a thin crust, as it should be.

Worth a visit

Private Cruise

If you are after a more seclusive (and exclusive!) experience on the fjord, either on your own or with a small group, rent a yacht at Private Cruise for 7 or 12 people; choose from The Barolo or The Marquis.


Stavanger’s first floating sauna I have of course tested, and it can be used alone or by the entire travel party. The combination of cold baths and the hot, steaming sauna is very popular here in the city, so make sure you plan and book in advance.

Dinner spot

Sabi Enso

As if Sabi Omakase wasn’t enough, Roger struck again with the opening of yet another restaurant, worth travelling to Stavanger for on its own merits. Joya expands the amazing Omakase experience he created at Sabi Omakase with Sabi Enso. Maybe because his other restaurant is always fully booked.
At the same time as there is room for both sushi takeaway and robata grill, it’s nothing short of what you would find in Japan. There is food for all budgets. Great art on the walls and a great bar. It’s a must-visit.

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The Norwegian TV personality Arne Hjeltnes shares with you his favourite Stavanger spots. Welcome to Stavanger!

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