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The national TV personality Arne Hjeltnes shares with you his favourite Stavanger spots.

Worth a visit


The annual food festival in June in Stavanger is extraordinary. Gladmat is simply a party for everyone, much more than a market fair or a food market. Every year, the Stavanger restaurants and pubs move out onto the streets where they create new concepts so that you can eat your way through Stavanger’s incredible food scene. And if you are after a full-on food safari, sign up for one of the guided food walks organised by GuideCompaniet, giving you an insight into this city’s story. A perfect combination, if you ask me.

Shopping I love

Made with Hart

I am very fond of the brand Made With Hart. One of the reasons for this is that I am impressed by Alex, Made and Martini’s accomplishment of creating a brand of an international calibre in Stavanger. You will find suits, shirts, shoes and smart casual clothing. And bespoke, enabling you to obtain a unique look. Have you forgotten to pack something, simply stop by and get a snazzy look in no time. The staff are a social bunch too, and they will happily advise you on where the action is happening at the weekend.

© Gunhild Vevik

Drinks and dinner

Nick & Jonnies at Gaffel & Karaffel

Bjørn Erik Sandvaag’s wine cellar is mandatory on a night out in this vibrant city. Bjørn truly knows his wine, and he is a cheerful bloke who understands how to keep his guests happy. A tour of the wine cellar, or even better, dinner around the “Mafia table” (Mafiabordet), offers the ideal frame for a good night out. Tasty all the way around. Gaffel & Karaffel is a complete restaurant house complemented by a large variety of wines at Nick & Jonnies.

Fish & Cow and Tango

Another classic with talented chefs and a vibrant atmosphere is the fusion of the two Stavanger favourites Fish & Cow and Tango. You can both enjoy a luscious tasting menu at the elegant Tango or explore informal gastronomy at Fish & Cow. Tango is an intimate restaurant with 30 seatings and prompted Guide MICHELIN to pull out the distinction L'Assiette MICHELIN. Perhaps is the star not far away?

The two restaurants are located under the same roof. Perhaps you’ll have time for both? People here are always smiling, and a tasty drink is never far away. The boss himself Tommy Raanti is one of this endless pool of amazingly talented Stavanger chefs. Ideally placed next to the town square, you’re in the heart of Stavanger both in terms of location and sense.

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The Norwegian TV personality Arne Hjeltnes shares with you his favourite Stavanger spots. Welcome to Stavanger!

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