The BLINK ski festival has become the event not to miss while in the Sandnes region in the summer. Plan your summer holidays so that you can attend! The arena for the sports event is the Sandnes, Gjesdal and Lysebotn area.

There will be competitions in biathlon and cross-country skiing that take place on roller skis where the world's elite in both branches participate. At the same time, there will also be competing in age-specific classes. Imagine being able to take part in cheering on the big world stars in biathlon and cross-country skiing!

Evening folk festival

After cheering on your idols to your heart's content, take your friends and family along and enjoy free evening concerts organised in connection with the festival. The atmosphere is electric, folks! So all you have to do is plot the dates in your calendar and head on to Sandnes!

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  • Langgata 42
  • 4306
  • Sandnes
+47 905 60 815

Where is Skifestivalen Blink?