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You'll be climbing the whole time with a magnificent view of the fjord, Lodalen Valley, Oldedalen Valley, majestic Mt. Skåla and the mountains towards Jostedalsbreen. At the top, you have the option of a zipline after completing the via ferrata. At the top you'll also meet the Loen Skylift, which takes you back to fjord level.

As part of the route, you can cross the Gjølmunne Bridge, the longest Via Ferrata bridge in Europe. It is 750 metres above sea level, 120 metres long and crosses the 160-metre deep gorge. The trip will definitely give you butterflies in your stomach. There are 4 different routes, and if you're up for a real challenge you can climb the new extreme route - the toughest via ferrata route in Norway. If you choose route 2, you can try your hand at the new and spectacular STIGULL. The ladder is the first of its kind in Norway, and with 120 steps and a slope of 45 degrees, this is a spectacular experience for all climbing enthusiasts. The ladder has a relatively low level of difficulty, but feels very airy, so the sense of accomplishment is great when climbing this.

At the top you can finish with a Zipline, which you can buy when you book, at check-in or in the mountain shop at the top. The minimum participant weight in Via Ferrata Loen is 40kg and the maximum is 120kg.

Loen Active is the guide company for Via Ferrata Loen, and will guide you safely to the top from May to October. Climbing harness and helmet are included. Experienced climbers can make the trip on their own. Equipment can be hired from Loen Active.

At the top, Hoven Restaurant & Bar awaits with delicious refreshments, and the Loen Skylift takes you comfortably back to fjord level.

Ragnarok Extreme is Norway's toughest via ferrata route in Loen, and is a separate route in the Via Ferrata facility in Loen. It has a difficulty level of F, making Loen one of the most complete via ferrata facilities in Europe. The new route runs to the west of the classic one, and remains steep all the way. Climbing this route requires good strength and stamina, and climbers should have climbed grade E previously or be able to handle climbing grade 6+. Those who are unsure whether they can master this route can climb the classic route and test themselves in the alternative loop through ‘Tors hammar’ - a short loop in category E.

All commercial activity goes through Loen Active.

Source: Nordfjord


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