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Fjords, glaciers, mountains and waterfalls may be our natural calling cards, but we’re home to beautiful stretches of pure white sand, lapped by clean, clear waters, too.

It may be news to you, but our surprisingly stunning beaches — from Grotlesanden and Ervika to the north down to Sandve, on Karmøy island farther south — are perfect for swimming, sunning and surfing during Fjord Norway’s long summer days. 

We have the warm Gulf Stream to thank for that. Water temperatures can hit 20°C/68°F, so go ahead and splash around. Or just “hang 10,” whether that’s stretching out for hours on your beach blanket or grabbing a surfboard and hitting the waves. Yes, Fjord Norway is also a surfer’s paradise. Both Jæren, Norway’s original surfing destination, and scenic Ervika boast serious swells. For beginners, Hoddevika — home to three surf lodges and a surfing school — offers calmer waters. Surf and sand not your thing? No problem, you can soak in the dockside hostel hot tub in Flørli. But if they are, here’s a look at some of Fjord Norway’s hottest beaches, from north to south, for sun worshippers, water bugs, surfers and more…


This kilometer-long crescent of sand and dunes, framed by a stream at one end and a boulder field at the other, is a beautiful stop along the Atlantic Road Kristiansund and Molde. After your swim, try the easy hike along the coastal path to Nordneset Lighthouse and then farther on, to the little harbor and old boat sheds at Julshamna. 


Thanks to clear aquamarine and turquoise waters and soft white sand, this idyllic beach on Giske island could easily be mistaken for the Caribbean. Swim, sunbathe or barbecue in Fjord Norway’s take on the tropics — just 15 minutes from Ålesund. 


This kilometer-long sandy stretch, one of the Nordfjord region’s most beautiful, draws expert surfers to its admittedly challenging waves. But it’s just as popular with campers and sunseekers drawn to the warm sands and stunning surroundings. An added attraction: The remains of a World War II shipwreck can be spotted offshore at low tide.


Boasting 1.5 kilometers of silvery white sand, this stunning beach is widely held to be one of the finest swimming beaches in all Norway. In summer, that is. Come autumn, strong gales are funneled down through the nearby valley. Thanks to these windy off-season conditions, all local houses have a thick stone wall for at least one side — to stop them being blown out to sea!


Come sun or come rain, this 700-meter beach in the Nordfjord region is a popular spot. On nice summer days, take a break from biking, hiking and fishing in nearby Bremanger by taking a dip or digging your toes into the warm white sand. In bad weather or in spring or fall, Grotlesanden is a fascinating spot to watch waves and espy wildlife.


Once voted Norway’s most beautiful beach, this long stretch of stunning white sand carries the exclusive, world-renowned Blue Flag environmental certification. Swim, sun, build a sandcastle or fly a kite. Then head out for a hike from the north end of the beach, stopping at a slew of cultural and historical monuments along the way.


A standout attraction on the island of Karmøy, Sandvesanden is an amateur botanist’s delight, lush and verdant with colorful and fragrant flora. Nature lovers might bring a field guide and carefully try their hand at spotting rare species among the dunes. The beach can draw hundreds on a beautiful summer day for swimming, as well as surfing, paddleboarding and other sports. Join in — or just soak in the sun.


This popular 2.3-kilometer beach was named one of the world’s most beautiful by London’s The Sunday Times. In addition to swimming, Solastranden sees much in the way of wind- and watersports, too. Take a walk south to spot some traces of World War II-era structures. The beach is a standout and easily accessible part of the larger, 70-kilometer-long Jæren region of beaches, segments of which are state-protected plant and wildlife reserves.

Fjord secrets

The secret’s out, Fjord Norway is more than you expected. Yes, we’re home to mind-blowing fjord landscapes. But we’re so much more! You are welcome to explore farther and further. Delve deeper across Fjord Norway to unearth countless hidden gems — attractions and experiences that amaze and delight in sight and sound, taste and touch.

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