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Breathtaking fjords and towering peaks. Rocky islands, plunging waterfalls and shimmering glaciers. A little fresh air, sunshine and nature is good for anyone, anywhere. But here in Fjord Norway, the mere sight of our majestic landscape stirs the soul. It’s no wonder spending a lot of time in the great outdoors comes natural to Norwegians. We even have a word for it: “friluftsliv.”

Friluftsliv, or “open-air living,” is the idea that activity out in nature is revitalizing and energizing for body, mind and soul. Writer Henrik Ibsen popularized the idea in the 1850s but friluftsliv has long been essential to the Norwegian character. Here, it’s a way of life. So join us, and get out and about … and into Fjord Norway’s unrivaled nature!


Dive into action and out onto our waterways — fjords, rivers, lakes and sea — with a world-class range of fresh and exciting water sports and activities, from kayaking, canyoning and stand up paddling to surfing, diving and coasteering.

You can even set out on salmon safari! Float down the Suldalslågen river, at one with the currents, from the Mo Laksegard farm in Sand to encounter salmon on a whole new level — eye-to-eye — thanks to your drysuit, snorkel and mask.

Crank it up a notch on the Leirdøla River in Gaupne with river canyoning, a mix of swimming, body rafting, careering down natural waterslides and plunging off cliffs. Or how about kayaking on the spectacular Sognefjord? The cascading waterfalls and towering rock walls are impressive enough from a ship, but even more dazzling when you paddle by them on your own. Keep an eye out for porpoises and curious seals!

Fjord secrets

The secret’s out, Fjord Norway is more than you expected. Yes, we’re home to mind-blowing fjord landscapes. But we’re so much more! You are welcome to explore farther and further. Delve deeper across Fjord Norway to unearth countless hidden gems — attractions and experiences that amaze and delight in sight and sound, taste and touch.

Find out more

Or kayak your way along the unspoiled Fjord Coast’s thousands of islands and skerries, passing charming fishing villages, white-sand beaches and looming peaks. Prefer to stand? Explore the coast with SUP from Skaarnesheimen Raw Ocean Lodge, in Syre’s sheltered harbor or, if you dare, on the open sea. Or you can “coaster” in Egersund; hiking, swimming and climbing your way across our rugged shores.

On two wheels

The Fjord Coast is also perfect for bicycling. The quiet roads and gently rolling terrain suit cyclists of all ages. A multitude of islands are linked by local boat and ferry routes, so rent a cycle — e-bike or otherwise — and go island hopping! While you’re at it, combine your cycling holiday with kayaking and coastering.

Adrenalinefilled energy

For a real adrenaline rush, head to Åkrafjorden for Bungee jumping, or some via ferrata outdoor rock-climbing. Scale what’s said to be Norway’s toughest via ferrata route for hard-won, awe-inspiring fjord views. You deserve it! 

Find your peace in nature

When you’re ready to wind down and unwind, settle in for a coffee or meal — or the night — in nature-focused venues across Fjord Norway. Grab a snack and a nap at “digital-free” Tustna Ladestasjon or settle in for the whole quiet coastal night under the open sky or in an eco-friendly cabin.

Come morning, head out revitalized in body, mind and spirit, and ready to do it all again — in spectacular, natural Fjord Norway. 

Hike your way to zen

Hiking might be the easiest way to re-energize in the Fjord Norway natural landscape — at the coast, where bracing sea breezes carry mist from calming ocean waves as far as you can see, and along the fjords, as you stroll through forests, cultivated fields and charming fjord-side villages. Feeling really brave? Go straight to the top, hiking up fjord hillsides and mountains for breathtaking summit views. Or grab your pick, ropes and snowshoes for a guided walk on the natural wonders that carved and crafted all this stunning Fjord Norway scenery in the first place: our glaciers. These serene, slowly moving sheets of ice and snow — like the Haugabreen Glacier in Nordfjord— offer unique, thrilling hikes of a lifetime.

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